MelanCholianna APK

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App NameMelanCholianna APK
Size708 MB
Latest Version2.0
Last Updated                        March 10, 2024


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Melancholianna app is a role-playing game that attracts users who love role-playing games. The players feel good when they play accurately; they play with complete devotion and attention. Melancholianna is available in the market and is famous due to its addictive gameplay. Melancholianna Apk is full of mini-games like puzzles. It is an addictive game with a unique interface, natural environment, HD-quality graphics, and appealing music. You need high IQ, attention, and intelligence to solve these puzzles.

Melancholianna has many tasks, hurdles, monster creatures, and an attractive story. Solving puzzles helps you escape from the monsters. The one exciting factor of Melancholianna iOS is that all premium features are unlocked free of cost. During Melancholianna Apk, many deadly monsters attack you; you must use your mind to learn how to avoid them. The game is full of puzzles and fatal devils. When you are solving puzzles, you get rewards and clues.

You can use this reward to buy tools to kill deadly devils. Puzzles help you prevent monsters, and you get ways to run out of their range. You are stuck in a room; now you will explore the room, try to find the key to the room door to unlock it and save a life from monsters. Many exciting things in Melancholianna download make a long-lasting connection between the player and the game due to addictive gameplay. Let’s dive deep into Melancholianna Apk.

What is Melancholianna APK?


Melancholianna is a game, with a captivating role-playing theme. It allows players to immerse themselves in a character and triumph through their wit and intelligence. As you delve into Melancholianna you assume the role of a protagonist who finds herself trapped amidst a menacing gang of monsters. Your mission? Escape this predicament by unraveling puzzles along the way. Melancholianna Apk commences as your character awakens from slumber embarking on a journey to explore every nook and cranny of the environment uncovering items, for combatting these devilish adversaries.

The Melancholianna game isn’t as straightforward and seamless as it may seem. It’s filled with obstacles, puzzles, and dangerous adversaries making it intricate and demanding. Solving puzzles requires your attention and intelligence. Your only way out is by solving these puzzles so it’s crucial to focus on them. While playing Melancholianna Apk you must thoroughly explore areas, gather tools, and particularly locate the key that unlocks the exit door for your escape. However, be wary as you search because treacherous monsters lurk about adding a thrilling horror element to Melancholianna download that keeps you on edge.

To create your path, solve riddles, but watch out for monsters. The play presents several obstacles, but you must maintain your composure to go beyond them. Because the game is addictive, it draws in players and maintains a close bond with them. The Melancholianna APK’s game feature that saves progress is another intriguing detail. You will begin the game at the same spot if you return to it after a day or so. You will begin the game from the same level where you failed if you lose at any point.

Melan and Cholianna Story

Melancholianna download

The storyline of the Melancholianna APK game revolves around the Melan and Cholianna sisters. In this post, you will know who melon and cholianna are. What’s the story of Melan and Cholianna? Which thing is to attain to win the game? How do we make performance better? What’s the best strategy and tricks to win the game? Answers to all these questions are in this post.

Melan is the female main character of the Melancholianna download game. Cholianna is Melan’s twin sister, who was lost in a vast area, and now Melan has to search for her. The game becomes emotional when she tries to find her sister. The game’s whole story revolves around Melan’s search for her sister, cholianna.

The story of the cholianna, the queen of Melancholianna Apk , is played fascinatingly and attractively. To help the queen, you must use your judgment and intelligence to find clues by solving puzzles. There are many game levels; all have traps and hidden secrets. You must know the traps and intelligence to fight monsters ready to kill you. By using clues, you will help the main character find the following way to escape.

Best Game Modes of Melancholianna

Melancholianna iOS

The Melancholianna iOS game is very exciting due to its different modes. The story of the game is attractive and looks natural. Players enjoy the game; its modes are so beautiful that they get and entertain the players’ attention. The gameplay, storyline, and graphics of the Melancholianna download engage the player.

Team build

The game Melancholianna APK allows the players to make their team. As we know, when a team works together on one goal, the result is excellent. Every team member solves the puzzles quickly, and the results are efficient. So you can make a team in which you will add your friends also and achieve the goal.


Melancholianna apkoops

The gameplay in Melancholianna is incredibly engaging. It allows players to explore aspects of Melancholianna Apk and understand their surroundings before moving. If a player’s next step involves entering a monster area the game ensures they have a chance to comprehend what they’re getting into beforehand.


Melancholianna download is filled with intriguing secrets and clues. During search mode, players can thoroughly explore every area of the game. Discover helpful hints. The successful players are those who uncover these secrets and utilize them to their advantage. Melancholianna Apk presents an abundance of secrets and puzzles that must be explored to find the clues, for escaping situations.


Melancholianna for android

It is however possible to explore and learn about the tools as seen in questing mode in Melancholianna download. The player will then go around in the area and collect useful tools that will enable him or her to live on and get out of the monster’s area. In crafting mode, players could just craft these after gathering them with valuable tools such as weapons among others in Melancholianna Apk. It can be interesting to make the tool customized, different in style, and designed so it looks appealing when you are using crafting mode.

Best Features of Melancholianna APK

In this section, we are going to look at some of the unique and captivating features of Melancholianna APK.


The gameplay is exclusive, attractive, and addictive. You have got to help out the major character through Melancholianna if you are playing it. She explores the entire game world; each part of this world has its obstacles and difficulties. As for some parts, they belong to monsters; waiting for her attack and death by allies. The game allows you to alert her about imminent dangers using your wit. The story of Melancholianna download is about modifying tools, exploring, and fighting with devils to reach the key for escaping from this horrible devil place’s exit door but not till all enemies are killed. Melancholianna Apk consists of several stages with checkpoints, missions, riddles, tricks, and hardships in it. You have to surpass all levels leading up to success.


Customization is the best thing about Melancholianna downloads. It allows the player to explore all areas of this deadly monster’s place. The player will go into this place’s basement, rooms, halls, and storerooms to gather multiple tools. Players also get maps in search, which helps them find the outdoors. When players gather the tools now, they can customize these tools. If the player knows how the weapon is made, he will make an incredible and powerful weapon.

With this weapon, the player will defeat the monsters and save the character’s life. The customization will increase your chances of winning in Melancholianna Apk. If you customize the tools in such a way that powerful weapons generate. You must have crafting and design skills for efficient customization.

Multiple puzzles

Melancholianna on Android

Melancholianna iOS offers multiple puzzles, which strengthens the bond between the player and the game. Puzzles grab the attention of the player. Players will be busy solving puzzles, which give some clues to goal achievement. You need to focus on the Melancholianna Apk and solve puzzles with full intelligence and attention. The gameplay is so addictive that you will never feel bored and tired when playing it because captivating puzzles attract you and make you busy. To solve some puzzles, you need a few items that are present in different places. You must explore the rooms to collect items required to solve the puzzle. Melancholianna download is also called stress-releasing activity. By solving puzzles, your intelligence level will be enhanced, and you will become more active.

Deadly monsters

Melancholianna iOS is a horror game full of monsters; you will meet with deadly devils at every checkpoint. The game is full of adventure, thrills, and challenges. Fighting with monsters and defeating them is also a challenge of the game. The monsters are ready to attack and kill you; to fight with them, you need powerful weapons. Melancholianna Apk is full of monsters; you will kill them and find a way to achieve your goal. First, you will need to explore the location and collect helping tools with assisting tools to design a powerful weapon. You can use this powerful weapon to beat the monsters and kill them to clean your way. Be careful and active at every level because, at every level, monsters present complex challenges for you in Melancholianna download.

Simple control

The interface of the Melancholianna APK is friendly and straightforward. It offers easy and simple control of everything. Everything is unlocked without cost; you can use every tool beneficial for goal achievement. The player must understand how to use all Melancholianna iOS features for better use. No complex knowledge is required to play this game; you click up, down, right, and left. You will move the tools and droop on other places with just a single click. The game’s controls are simple, it is beginner-friendly. So you must download Melancholianna and play it in your leisure time for entertainment and fun.

Aesthetic graphics

The graphics of Melancholianna Apk are aesthetic, simple, and attractive. The simplicity of the game attracts the audience; it does not bore the players. The game’s appealing look comes from its hand drawing and 3D graphics and the quality of the content in HD. Melancholianna’s environment is natural and straightforward, where everything is explored in detail. When you move from one place to another, you will see a distinct difference and an attractive background. The look of the graphic represents the old culture and buildings which appeal to you. The game’s characters are charming and beautiful, which adds beauty. The princes of Melancholianna Apk look pretty like movie heroines who enhance the fame and charm of Melancholianna.

Game music

The music played in Melancholianna is unique and attached to the emotions of the game’s main characters, Melan and Cholianna. Background music is the original composition that game developers make to grab the players’ attention and enhance the user experience. When you play Melancholianna, you enjoy the background music. Melancholianna Apk has many types of music, not a single music. You can play music you like, such as monster music, explosion music, and music as machinery cutting. This music increased the players’ interest and gave them a great experience. Melancholianna iOS has an emotional story, so the sweet music is connected with the main character’s feelings.

Vast area to visit

The gameplay has a vast area to explore. You can explore all areas of the location that fascinate you; you will check all rooms, halls, basements, and all hidden places of Melancholianna to collect multiple items. When you solve puzzles, you will go up and down and go from one room to another, and the environment will attract you. At the time of the monster’s attack, you must know about a safe place to hide from danger. You can change locations during the gameplay and try to find the way out. But be careful. There are high chances the monsters are present in any room to attack you, and many hurdles come your way. So be careful in Melancholianna Apk and be attentive to location changes.

Guiding map

The best feature of the game, which makes it less complex, is the guiding map. With the help of a guiding map, you will learn about safe places and easy ways to get out of this place. The guiding map is called the player’s assistant. In Melancholianna, you will help anyone in trouble escape from deadly devils and this horrible place. You can increase the brightness of the things to search for objects in darkness. Melancholianna iOS allows you to rely on it to find objects, tools, clues, danger, and signs in darkness. You will use the map to escape from the monster’s place in Melancholianna if you are an intelligent player. It helps you to move faster and get to the location of the exit door to escape.

Back lens view

The back lens allows the player to watch and explore the environment with a lens irrespective of the natural eye. Many things in Melancholianna download remain hidden from the human eye, and the back view lens helps find the tools. This lens type is available on Google Maps to view the environment in detail for better understanding. The lens will allow the player to determine which place is safe and where the dangerous monster is present. It increases the player’s interest and makes his time charming. Must use the back view lens to overcome obstacles and solve Melancholianna iOS quickly. Lens informs you what to do next and how to tackle the critical condition.

Find clues

Clue features of Melancholianna download make it easy for players. If you have a sharp mind, then you will easily find clues. Many objects are present to help the player. You just need to understand and see how they help you get out the door. Like a painting hanging on the wall, it is helpful for you; it may point toward something or give you clues. The objection to the location will guide you on what to do next and how to escape. That’s why you should try to find the hidden secrets and objects that will help you escape from this terrifying location safely in Melancholianna.

Key Features of Melancholianna

  • Challenges in Melancholianna iOS
  • Helping center
  • Multiple levels
  • Engaging sound
  • Visual map
  • Simple control of Melancholianna download
  • Unique character
  • Clues and puzzles
  • Challenging strategy
  • Captivating graphics of Melancholianna
  • Friendly interface

Download & Install Melancholianna APK for Android

The  Melancholianna iOS is a very interesting game all premium tools are available free of cost, and you must play it. This section tells you how to download and install  Melancholianna APK on your device. So follow this guidance step by step to enjoy this game

  • First, go to your mobile settings and find the section on unknown sources.
  • Enable the unknown source button by tapping on it.
  • Download Melancholianna Apk from our website using the button given above and wait a few minutes to complete it.
  • After downloading it, find the downloaded APK file and click on it. The notification of installation pops up on the screen.
  • Now click on the install option and wait some time to complete the installation.
  • The game is installed on your device open it and play Melancholianna, making your free time entertaining and busy.

Melancholianna Download for Android (Steps)

The updating process is very easy and quite simple. You must have the old version if you want to updateMelancholianna. The update process occurs if you have an old version present.

  • First, check that the old version of Melancholianna the game is present on your device.
  • After checking, you can update to the latest version from our site.
  • If you download Melancholianna Apk  from our website, you can update it here.
  • Enjoy the updated version with new, unique features and many more.

Pros and cons of Melancholianna


  • The gameplay and high-quality graphics attract the audience to Melancholianna.
  • Helping material like maps, clues, puzzles, and back lens view inform the player about the next step.
  • The player support help center helps them when they find difficulty.
  • Players can design weapons by collecting tools to kill the deadly devils in Melancholianna.
  • If a player loses the game and then restarts, he will start from the same stage where he lost, not starting.


  • The location is full of deadly monsters, which may have frightened the player, and he left Melancholianna due to his fear.


What type of the Melancholianna APK game?

Melancholianna APK is a role-playing game. In this game, players play the role of the main character and try to escape from the location with the help of multiple tools.

Can I play Melancholianna on my mobile phone?

Melancholianna is an Android game, you can download by the guidance above and play on your mobile phone.

Final Words

In this post, we show you the game Melancholianna and its features and exciting aspects in detail. It is an entertaining game that keeps you busy for hours; you will never feel bored and tired. With multiple levels, puzzles, tools collection, exploration, and customization, players search the exit door of the location to get out. Melancholianna download is not as simple and easy as it looks. The player game journey is full of monsters,  hurdles, mini spiders, and many more; these things try to keep you away from the door and attack you.

You collect multiple tools for exploring locations and can make powerful weapons with these tools in Melancholianna. At the moment of a monster fight, you can defeat them with your powerful weapon. You need to beat the monsters and overcome hurdles to get to the exit door to escape. So you must download the Melancholianna app, an exciting game, and turn your spare time into entertainment.

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