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App NameDoraemon X APK
Size160 MB
Latest Version1.4
Last Updated                        March 10, 2024


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Do you love watching Doraemon and want to explore the realm of Japanese cartoons? Here is the Doraemon X ask that allows you to live the life of the main character. In this game, you’ll live as the Nobita, with a cat robot Doraemon in the house. Where you can explore the series of adventures, explore the nostalgic gadgets, and visit the known places with your friends to enjoy the Doraemon dimension.

Doraemon X is created by the fans to let you feel nostalgic by playing childhood’s favorite cartoon game. Act as the main character in the game and solve the hidden puzzles to unlock new achievements. The game has multiple characters to interact with and meet with friends and family members to enjoy the fullest. X Doraemon Apk allows you to perform many actions, let you make special bonds with female characters, and enjoy the daily challenges for extra fun.

The game has a smooth interface along with the relevant environment from the comic series. You’ll find the view of Nobita’s school, his school trip locations, his house, and many more known places. Also, you can visit your friend’s house to explore more hidden items in the games and unlock new storylines. Interact with your friends and other characters to take the take wherever you want because it lets you enjoy the endless possibilities without any limitations.

What is Doraemon X?

Doraemon X

Doraemon X is based on the Japanese comic series Doraemon, where you are the Nobita (main character) along with your friends to explore new adventures. Explore the city with the help of Doraemon’s advanced gadgets and have fun with your friends. Visit the known places to play the challenges and develop a good personality in the game. Score good marks on the tests to make your parents proud, go fishing with your father to spend quality time, help your mother to make her happy, and support Doraemon in making decisions.

There are many hidden challenges and obstacles in the X Doraemon Apk that you have to find on your own. There is no map to let you follow the mark for new adventures. Explore the nostalgic places where you’ve been earlier in the comic series and find out if there are any challenges available or not.

The Doraemon X Apk has a smooth interface with interactive options. Explore the city and the popular locations to keep finding new adventures. Doraemon X Apk is suitable for kids and youngsters. The game is full of adventures and lets you feel the nostalgic vibes from your childhood.

Main Features of Doraemon X APK

Vibrant Graphics

Doraemon X Apk features bright, colorful graphics that bring the world of anime to life. It has environments like Nobita’s neighborhood, playground, and school which are recreated with all basic details. The character designs have a mirror image of their personalities and appearance. These visuals will make the players feel like they’ve stepped into the real life of the anime.

Clever Puzzles

Doraemon X Apk challenges players with puzzles inspired by the clever gadgets from Doraemon’s pocket. Players must use logic and mindful thinking to find the solutions, the tests will get difficult and advance through levels. Solving puzzles will help you to unlock new abilities and achievements in the game.

Iconic Characters

Doraemon X Apk

In Doraemon X Apk, players can interact with their beloved characters from the show. Doraemon X has all the popular characters like Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, Suneo, and Doraemon. Their familiar personalities and humor are realistic and you can feel their presence and role in the gameplay. If you’re a fan then this game will surely give you nostalgic vibes of childhood for sure.

Special Doraemon Gadgets

There are a variety of Doraemon gadgets available in this game that you must need or take advantage of in your challenges. It has gadgets like the Anywhere Door, Time Machine, Bamboo Copter, and many more on the list. Use the best and most relevant gadgets to complete the puzzles and challenges in time.


Doraemon X download

For extra fun, players can take a break from the main levels to enjoy multiple mini-games. There are also optional side quests and challenges that provide additional rewards to the players. These activities add variety and give players extra space to keep exploring the world of Doraemon’s neighborhood.

Customization Options

Players can earn coins to customize Nobita’s appearance, as it’s the main character of the game. Outfits and accessories can be unlocked from the gallery, but you must have to earn sufficient coins for that. Nobita can show off his personal style, outfits, and appearance to get reviews from his family or friends. Customizing the main character makes the experience more unique for the players.

Familiar Locations

Doraemon X Apk allows players to explore areas they remember from the Japanese series, it has locations like Nobita’s neighborhood, school, and Doraemon’s future house. Walking through these familiar places will provide a feeling of nostalgia for the kids of the 90s. True X Doraemon fans will enjoy revisiting these locations and feel old-school vibes.

Download Doraemon X APK for Android

Doraemon X Apk for android

It is not available on the Google Play Store because the game is not officially designed by the respective owners. It’s a fan-made game where you can live your dream life and complete the fantasies of the main character.

You can download Doraemon X Apk from a third-party source and install it manually on your device. But for that, you have to navigate the apk file of Doraemon X for the process. Don’t worry, we have the latest version of the game for you and you can download it from the above download button.

For the new members on our website, here are the steps to download Doraemon X Apk:

  • Open your default web browser on your smartphone and visit our website.
  • Search for the Doraemon X APK Download Page.
  • Click on the download and select a location to save the file.
  • Your downloading will start instantly and the apk file will be available for the installation process.
  • That’s it, now you can share or install the package file from your internal storage.

How to Install Doraemon X for Android?

The process to install Apk manually on Android isn’t simple, you must have to follow a few steps before the app gets installed on your device.

Here are the steps that you should consider before installing Doraemon X Apk on Android:

  • Go to Android Settings > Apps > Permissions > Install From Unknown Sources. Mark it to let your device install third-party apps outside the Play Store. Now you’re ready to install any app you want.
  • Go to file manager and search for the Doraemon X APK File.
  • Tap on it and press Install. Grant the requested permissions in the prompt.
  • Installation will begin and within a few minutes, you’ll get a notification about it.
  • Click on the Open button to launch the game.
  • Customize the player’s appearance and select a mission to start the adventures.

Doraemon X APK – Game Review

Doraemon X is a fun puzzle game for Android phones which is based on the popular show Doraemon. Doraemon X, you play as Nobita and go on adventures with Doraemon and other friends from the show.

As soon as you start the game, you see the happy opening video with fun music which is nostalgic if you have watched the Doraemon before. This will surely make you smile. In Doraemon X Apk, you can move around the neighborhood and visit familiar places like Nobita’s bedroom, school, playground, and other locations. Seeing these places from the show again will make you happy.

You can talk to the characters like Doraemon, Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo. Seeing all these old friends together in gameplay is a great experience. The voice actors are even the same as the cartoon because their dialogue sounds realistic with the voice-over effects. Walking around in the neighborhood and talking to the characters is very fun. The control buttons are easy to use too and let you navigate the actions easily.

There are many short mini-games you can play, like dodgeball, baseball, and soccer with your friends. X Doraemon adds more stuff to do in the game if you’re bored with the current storyline and hard challenges. As you play, you get to explore many cool gadgets from Doraemon to help you in your missions. Doraemon X is very cheerful and will make you laugh a lot with the interesting challenges.

All the fans of Doraemon will like this game because of its nostalgic environment and graphics. This lets you feel like a kid again with its cute anime world and characters. It’s great for both new and old fans of the cartoon and it’s easy to install and play on Android, so you should give it a try.


What kind of game is Doraemon X?

Doraemon X Apkis an adventure puzzle game designed for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The game is inspired by the popular Japanese anime series Doraemon. X Doraemon allows players to play as Nobita or Doraemon and explore exciting adventures together. The gameplay involves many puzzles and challenges that you have to solve, use the Doraemon gadgets for additional help.

Who are the main characters in Doraemon X?

The main playable character is Nobita, the protagonist lazy kid from the Doraemon series. In addition to Nobita, you can also play the roles of other iconic characters like Doraemon, Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo. Doraemon X Apk special appearances in the game and helps you in many adventures also. Their familiar personalities and dialogues add humor and nostalgia to the game for the players.

Does Doraemon X have good graphics?

Yes, it features bright, colorful graphics that closely match the visuals seen in the anime series. It has a 3D anime-inspired environment with all the nostalgic locations like Nobita’s neighborhood and school with great detail. Doraemon X Apk gives players nostalgic vibes as they enter the world of the series in real life.

What special items can you use in the game?

Doraemon’s futuristic gadgets like Anywhere Door, Bamboo Copter, and Time Machine are available in the game. You can use them in your daily challenges and use gadgets to solve the puzzles also. You must efficiently use these special gadgets to solve tricky puzzles and find the solutions quickly.

Can you customize Nobita in Doraemon X?

Yes, as players progress in Doraemon X Apk, you can earn in-game currency to unlock new outfits and accessories for Nobita. You can customize Nobita with different clothes, hairstyles, accessories, and items, and use them to provide a special look to the main character. This customization will enhance your gameplay experience.


Doraemon X Apk is a cartoon-based game inspired by the Japanese Comic series called Doraemon. It has all the characters from the series, along with the popular locations to let you get nostalgic about your childhood. Explore popular places such as your house, school, museum, shikuza’s house, playground, and many more locations to find new adventures. You can take the help of Doraemon’s gadgets to have extra fun while exploring new places. Doraemon X Apk is full of adventures and it will never let you feel bored because of its interactive interface and nostalgic environment. Download and install Doraemon X Apk on Android to explore the Japanese towns on your own.

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