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App NameNekoPoi APK
Size9.6 MB
Latest Version2.5.3.2
Last Updated                        March 10, 2024


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Do you love watching anime movies and series? NekoPoi Apk offers the best streaming experience to everyone for free. The app has a huge catalog of free, anime series, movies, and Manga comics for the fans. You can stream anime series in high quality without any subscription.

The app does not require any VPN to let you access the streaming servers, all the links are working and free for everyone. With NekoPoi Apk, you can enjoy the free experience of online streaming of anime content. In this article, we will discuss how you can install Neko Poi Apk on Android, and the features of Neko Poi Apk.

What is NekoPoi?


NekoPoi Apk offers a collection of anime series with worldwide access to free streaming. You can watch any anime series or movie for free without any subscription. It is the best platform for lovers to watch the popular series online without any cost. Apart from this, the app has many more interesting features such as huge content libraries, offline downloads, and an ad-free user experience.

You can create your playlist and share it with your friends to suggest the best movies and series to watch. With the smooth interface, you will find the one-click stream options and download button. It has a variety of content arranged in multiple genres and categories to let you search and stream the movies easily.

Main Features of NekoPoi APK

Neko Poi

Here’s the list of some popular key features of NekoPoi Apk that you should know before installing the app on your device.

Smooth User Interface

NekoPoi care has a clean environment with no spam, advert advertisements, or pop-up banners. You will feel the smooth interface with zero effort to find your favorite movies. The developers made the app user-friendly and interactive so the audience to spend as much time as they want on streaming free content.

Huge Content Library

NekoPoi Care

NekoPoi Apk has millions of movies and series that you can watch without any paid membership. All the content is categorized with multiple labels and genres for the users to search the similar content easily. You will also find the suggestions book at the bottom of the streaming page to find relevant movies for further stream

Offline Download

If you want to download any particular episode or content within Neko Poi care. The download button will help you save the videos offline. You can watch the content later even without the Internet connection. Adjust the video quality while saving it offline, whereas you can also download multiple episodes at once.

Free Access

NekoPoi care does not require any membership or subscription for streaming. You can watch the content for free without burning a single penny from your pocket. Enjoy the experience of free streaming on Neko Poi care without worrying about any security or legal issues.

Multiple Streaming Servers

With the multiple streaming servers, you can enjoy the hassle-free experience of streaming anime. You will never find any broken links or spam on external pages on NekoPoi care. The built-in video player will play the videos for you within the app without asking you to download any additional third-party apps.

No VPN Required

You can access the worldwide collection of movies and series in one place. There is no need to install any VPN to hide your location because NekoPoi care offers direct access to everyone and everywhere.

Enjoy the collection of anime content without worrying about your regional location. Don’t pact with the limited data when you can explore the millions of free anime content from Neko Poi Apk.

In-built Security Options

NekoPoi for Android

NekoPoi Apk has many built-in security options to let you add a protected password to the app. With the security passcode, no one can open the app without you. You can set a pattern or a 4-digit passcode on NekoPoi care to make it protected from kids or your guardians.

You can also add your email address, in case you ever forget your password. Lock the app and view your content privately without worrying about any breaches. There is an option to add shared devices to access the content library and playlists from other devices if you install and log into the app with the same credentials.

Push Notifications for New Releases

Whenever a new episode gets published on NekoPoi care, you will get notifications on your mobile. Bookmark your favorite anime series to get instant alerts about their new episodes and never miss any related videos.

These push notifications are user-friendly and they will not annoy your experience of streaming. You can disable the notification settings from NekoPoi care if you don’t want to stay tuned with the latest updates.

How to Download & Install NekoPoi APK for Android?

NekoPoi Apk

To Install NekoPoi Apk on Android you only have to follow the below step-by-step guide. We will help you to download NekoPoi Apk and install it quickly.

First of all, you have to Enable the Unknown Sources from your device to install third-party apps. For that, Go to Settings > Apps > Permissions > Install From Unknown Sources > Enable. After following this, you can smoothly install any app from outside the Google Play Store.

  • Download NekoPoi APK file and click on it.
  • Hit the Install button and grant all the required permissions.
  • Wait for the installation to complete and load all the packages.
  • You will get the app icon on your homepage, Open the app.
  • Skip the tour and start exploring your favorite anime content for free.
  • Click on any show and choose a streaming server.
  • The video will start playing on an inbuilt video player of the app.
  • You can seek the timeline, and fix the brightness and volume in the player with easy gestures.
  • That’s it, enjoy your free streaming experience.

Pros and Cons of Neko Poi APK Latest Version

As every coin has two sides, the app also has some pros and a few cons. Here we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of NekoPoi Apk.


Regular Updates

NekoPoi Apk gets updated every week and new content will be featured on the app regularly. Once the episode gets released from official sources, you will find the streaming link on NekoPoi care. You don’t have to rush on the Internet to find the latest episodes of any series if it’s in the air.

Easy Search Option

With easy search options and filters, you can find any particular episode of any series easily. Use filters to narrow the list and find the exact matching results quickly. Most of the content on NekoPoi Apk is already arranged in a sequence for the users to explore the list smoothly.

No Subscription Requirements

To find direct access to streaming, you don’t have to register on NekoPoi Apk. The app provides free streaming services to everyone even if you are a user or using the app as a guest. Feel free to use it without any subscription and explore each corner of the app without any limitations.


Language Barrier

Most of the content is available in only one language, whereas some movies and series are not dubbed by officials yet. So you have to watch them in their native tongue Japanese. You can enable the subtitles to understand the content easily, but you cannot switch the language to any other option.

Only For Android Users

The app is only available for Android users and you cannot install this particular app on your iOS devices. The developers may roll out an update for the iOS users but still, there is no potential confirmation about any further release.

You can install Neko Poi Apk on any smartphone with an older or the latest Android version.

Addictive Experience

Some users have complaints that they get addicted to the environment and rest streaming of Neko Poi care Apk. If you are a student and a true anime fan, then you should install this app on your device. But, if you are a working person, then you should avoid heavy usage of streaming services.

Review – Neko Poi for Android

NekoPoi provides free, unlimited access to stream and download anime movies, shows, and manga comics. This app features a smooth interface that categorizes content by genre for easy browsing. It regularly adds the latest anime shows and episodes hours after their official release.

The video player offers robust quality even at high resolutions. The playback is smooth with no buffering. You can minimize the player and continue watching while browsing other apps. Downloading for offline viewing is quick and provides high quality.

An intelligent recommendation system suggests new shows based on your watching history. Everything streams in original Japanese audio with fan-translated subtitles only, but you can also find many multilingual movies and shows.

With ad-free and requiring no registration, NekoPoi lets you start watching immediately after installation. NekoPoi care Apk performs smoothly even after heavy usage sessions. Navigation and controls are easy and responsive for the users.

While limited to Android devices currently, NekoPoi provides an excellent experience for anime fans seeking ad-free streaming. For those looking to avoid paid services and piracy, NekoPoi care Apk presents a well-executed option to access worldwide anime content. With a smooth performance and a vast content range, The app satisfies the needs of its target audience.


Does NekoPoi require a subscription or account to start watching anime?

No, NekoPoi does not require any subscription, account registration, or fees to start streaming anime. All content can be accessed immediately for free after downloading the app. There will be no registration page, you can stream all the services as a guest for as long as you want to.

How frequently is the NekoPoi anime library updated?

The NekoPoi library is updated frequently, often within hours of a new anime episode release in Japan. This ensures users can keep up with the latest and new seasons of currently airing anime shows. Get push notifications for every new release to never miss an update.

Does NekoPoi work on iOS or only Android?

At the moment, NekoPoi is only available on Android devices. The app has not been released on iOS platforms yet. In the future, the developers may release an official update for NekoPoi iOS, but still, there is no such information about NekoPoi iOS.

Is the video quality on NekoPoi good enough for big screens?

Yes, reviews indicate that NekoPoi’s video quality and resolution hold up nicely even when streamed to TVs or other big screens via Chromecast or HDMI. No buffering issues are reported by the active users. You can telecast your mobile screen on any bigger screen using the easy cast options from NekoPoi Apk.

Can I download an entire anime series at once on NekoPoi?

While you can batch-download multiple episodes, there is no option to download an entire series all at once. Each episode has to be downloaded individually. But there is no limit on downloads, so you keep up to 100s of episodes offline in NekoPoi Apk.

Does NekoPoi have English dubbed audio or only subtitles for anime?

The anime content on NekoPoi is only available in original Japanese audio with fan-translated subtitles. English dubbed audio is also offered, but only for limited content now.


In the end, we hope you guys have collected all the relevant information about NekoPoi Apk. It’s a free streaming platform with thousands of anime movies and series on NekoPoi. Enjoy the free streaming experience without dealing with annoying banners or advertisements. Apk is a free service provider so you don’t have to pay anything for the content you watch.

If you guys like NekoPoi or have any other alternative options that you want to share with the audience, then drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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