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Tag After School APK

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App NameTag After School APK
Size94 MB
Latest Version9.6
Last Updated                        March 10, 2024


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Tag After School Apk is a horror game in which the player is stuck in a scary and creepy school and needs to find a way to escape from this ghost school. Tag After School is for those who like to watch fight, fear, horror, and alarming situations movies. If you are a person who is shocked by minor horror things, then Tag After School is not for you. When you play Tag After School Apk game, it transfers you into the character of a Japanese boy. Now, you play Tag After School as a Japanese boy named Shota-kun. Shota-kun is a timid, fearful, and reserved boy.

The theme and story of the game are exciting and horrible, putting fear and terror in your body and mind. When you play this game, your body will start shivering with fear. When a player gets stuck in a haunted and terror school, he needs to find new ways to run away from this School. Try to search out new things and use your mind to learn how to save from ghosts and escape from this School. Different types of obstacles and ghosts come your way to distract you, but you need to remain stable and overcome difficulties with patience. This is a brief introduction to the game; now let’s dive deep into Tag After School game.

Tag After School – Overview

Tag After School

Tag After School Apk is a ghost-type game. Shota-kun is a Japanese boy wandering around and reaching one School; the School is hunted and terrorized. The whole story of this game revolves around this horror school where the boy is stuck. When the boy enters School, he meets with some strange women who are ghosts, and they try to trap him.

One of the women comes to close him and gives him an offer; if he accepts her offer, then in return, he gets away from this School. She offered to play tag with her friend till 6 o’clock. In return, he went back home safely. Now, it’s decision time which saves him and helps him find a way. He also tries to remain safe from other such types of women and needs to be very clever. He needs to make sure to play games without getting tagged.

What is Tag After School APK?

Tag After School APK

Tag After School Game is a horror, terror, and mysterious game. Tag After School Game is played in a Japanese high school, offering players horror, fear, and body-shivering adventures. If you like adventures in life and always wish to try new and unique things, this game is perfect for you. Returning to the game story, shota-kun, as a player, needs to explore this horror school, avoid the scary horror ghosts, and discover a way to get out of the School.

The game interface allows you to control everything that comes during play and gives access to help Shota-kun escape. You must explore the School and collect supporting items like a torch, cells, and any map you can find. The map guides him on where to go and which place or area is safe. This terror school is full of dangerous ghosts. You must avoid them and be careful.

It would help if you played this game intelligently and with complete focus.

During the gameplay, you will see many interesting characters with basic robots. The many choices available in this game depend on how these choices are used and how Tag After School All Deaths is made exciting and attractive. Will you perform like a kind-hearted hero or use your powers, abilities, and skills for an evil purpose? You must make the right decision in such a terrible situation because the game’s progress depends on your decision. So, let’s start the game without wasting time and use your mind to play this game.

Best Features of Tag After School

Tag After School for Android

Like other games, Tag After School Game has attractive, unique, and notable features that make it more popular. The story of Tag After School Game is based on a mysterious school of horror, and you can play Tag After School on Android and iOS devices. When you know the features of this game, you must play it. Now let’s dive deep into the features of the Tag After School All Deaths.

Unique and exciting gameplay

Tag After School Apk is an exciting game in which you play as shota-kun. It allows you to step into the shoes of the shota-kun and create your own story and way. Multiple choices are coming in your path during the game, and it depends on you to select the perfect options. If you make excellent choices and make quick and good decisions, you will achieve a high score. These choices will affect your game score, academic activities, relationships, etc.

During the game, the story becomes intense with its horror scenes and prepares you to make quick decisions for the safety of life. The gameplay interface is addictive; it keeps you busy in this game for hours. You can enjoy this game for hours without getting bored and tired. The terror and horror scenes enhance your interest with new visual content.

Exciting storyline

Tag After School on Android

Tag After School’s story is fascinating, in which a boy shota-kun character plays the game. The boy is timid, and he is stuck in a horror school. Tag After School is about how to face ghosts, avoid them, and control fear. When ghosts come in your path, you use your intelligence to save them. The boy got a challenge from one woman to spend one night in this haunted School.

Now it’s up to you how you help him. You must find solutions to problems, help him in quick decision-making, and find a secure way to get out of this school. It’s a time to show your intelligence, overcome hurdles during gameplay, and select choices that make the story more exciting and body-shivering. As you know, the gameplay is horror, but it is still fun when you overcome the challenges and kill the ghost. For those who love challenges and want to check their intelligence, this game is worth it.

Variety of choices

Tag After School Download

Tag After School Download – the game is story-based, where players will be asked to select different choices at multiple stages to make the game more interesting. In Tag after School, numerous choices are available, which help you in decision-making. You will make such choices that will result in a happy ending. The story’s ending depends on the players’ decisions; these decisions are made with multiple choices.

Multiple choices such as a torch, stick, any helping material, and map help the boy Shota-kun discover a way to get outside the School. The torch you get has a short battery life. You need to find the exit door quickly with full intelligence. You have only 6 o’clock to survive in this School and make quick decisions and choices. Choices will make the story end, so be careful and make quick and effective decisions.

Play as shota-kun boy

The Tag After School Apk is not just a game but a chance for players to dare themselves and make the fate of the boy Shota-kun. The boy Shota-kun’s life and destiny are in the player’s hands. Try to make the life of the boy secure and influence his future. The choices and decisions you make during gameplay will affect his life directly.

Make every choice careful by keeping shota-kun life in mind. All decisions disturb his life, whether he overcomes hardship or gives in to it. This game is helpful in your actual life decision-making because, by this game, you will understand the apparent importance of good choices and their results. So, let’s play this game and explore the impact of your choices and how these will affect the story ending.

Old School and 3D graphics

Tag After School Download – The game is exciting and attractive with a 3D design. Tag After School All Deaths is complete with vigorous colors and complicated horror details. The game presentation style and design are like old School, which puts you in your past, immersing the players in their school time stories. The game’s story is displayed as an animated movie, and players are immersed in it.

As we know, if the game graphics are not good quality and dotted, the player loses attention and interest. Fortunately, the graphics of the tag Afterlife are 3D, and the game is presented in HD quality. The presentation style is eye-catching, interests you to play for hours, and you will never be bored.

Effortless controls

Tag After School is designed with effortless and straightforward controls. Everyone can play this game easily with simple controls. The interface of the game is friendly and not complicated. Everything is in your control; every choice is free, and there is no need for any purchasing. Like other games, you first need to understand and learn some playing mechanisms and many more.

But in Tag After School all deaths, learning to understand game mechanisms is unnecessary. This is all due to its simple and easy controls. There is no need for any specific education. If you have little knowledge about games, then Tag After School is a worthy game to try for you. The commands available in Tag After School are easy to understand. So you can play Tag After School with your fingers without any hesitation.

Overcome obstacles

Tag After School Apk is full of obstacles, ghosts, and fear. When you play the game, be careful and active because many obstacles and challenges, like ghosts, come your way. The obstacles and challenges come for distraction; as you see them, you may be caught in new problems. They create issues and fear in your path to distract you from your destination. So be careful and avoid these ghosts and obstacles.

You can prevent them by making different choices, so make the right decision at the right time with good intentions. Choies will help you handle these ghosts and obstacles and assist you in finding the exit door of the haunted school.

Explore the horror school

Tag after-school download areas are vast and extensive; you need to explore all areas. When you are stuck in this haunted School, start exploring the School from one side to find helpful material. There are many rooms with multiple items, so you will check all rooms and search for any helpful material if you find one. Helping materials like torches, batteries, sticks, guide items, a map, and many other valuable things help find this haunted School’s exit door.

The torch will help you in darkness, and from the map, you get help to find a safe way. One more notable feature of this game is helping girls. You can get help from a guide girl who can suggest which side is safe and assist you in finding the right way. She tells you when or where to stop and move.

Puzzles and clues

The game Tag After School is full of puzzles and clues. You get hints at every step; you need to pay attention to clues and find help from them. Different puzzles will provide you with clues; try to solve these puzzles and, in return, get clues that are useful in your gameplay journey. You only go to advanced levels by solving these puzzles and clues, so use your intelligence to solve them. Puzzles and clues are beneficial in the gameplay journey; with these, you move next to next effortlessly.

Key Features of Tag After School APK

  • Tag After School Apk is Free to download
  • Simple controls
  • 3D graphics
  • Amazing visual content
  • Tag After School includes Puzzles and clues
  • Enormous choices
  • Helping girl
  • Tag After School Apk has a Friendly interface
  • Challenging gameplay

Tips to get success in Tag After School

As features of Tag After School are explained in detail, here we provide you with some notable tips. These Tips play essential roles in happy ending; let’s discuss them;

  • Explore all areas of the school and every room to find helpful things.
  • Use your surroundings for your benefit, and find a place where you can hide yourself in any dangerous situation.
  • Keep an eye on every aspect, including your health bar.
  • Try to play Tag After School regularly to maintain your progress and start from the same point where you left the last day.
  • Be careful and make quick decisions and choices.
  • You will never lose this game by playing actively.

Pros and cons of Tag After School All Deaths


  • It increases the player’s intelligence level and thinking.
  • Players learn how to make the right decision at the right time.
  • The game interface allows the players to explore all areas.
  • In puzzle solving, players get helping items as a reward.
  • Choices and decisions shown to the player will affect the progress of the game and how it will act in real life.


  • Players may find advanced levels complex and challenging, which may decrease players morale.
  • The standard of the graphics may not meet with other games.

Download & Install Tag After School APK on Android

  • Download the tag after-school app on your device from any third website and the link is given above.
  • Wait a few minutes for the download to complete.
  • When downloading, finish, go to the file manager, and find the APK here.
  • Here, you will see the install option; now click on the install option.
  • Tag After School Download will take a few minutes to complete installation.
  • After some time, the installation is completed, play Tag After School on your device and enjoy.

Final Words

Tag After School is a game for Android users. In this game, you play the character of Shota-kun, a Japanese boy. The boy is stuck in a haunted school, where you play a game to help him. When the boy gets stuck in School, he meets with a girl who challenges him to stay a night in this haunted School. In return, she helps him. The story of the game Tag After School begins from here. Help him get rid of this school, make suitable choices, and help the boy make decisions. Be careful and attentive because many ghosts and obstacles come in your path. Let’s Download Tag After School Apk and play for enjoyment and fun. You can also play Tag After School PC. Tag After School PC is available for Windows and Mac also.


Where can I download the Tag After School APK game?

The tag after-school APK game is not available on the Play Store. You can download this game from any third-party website using the link above.

Is Tag After School game good for me?

Yes, It is suitable for those who are fearless. It increases your intelligence level and helps in decision-making.

Is Tag After School APK game for iOS or not?

Tag After School Apk is an Android game. The iOS version is not available. It runs on Android 5.0 and later versions.

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