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App NameBack Alley Tales APK
Size120 MB
Latest Version1.1.3
Last Updated                        March 11, 2024


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Do you want to solve mysteries and want to become a professional detective? Back Alley Tales Apk is a thrilling crime-solving game where you can become a detective and solve mysteries. It has multiple crime scenes where you have to surveillance the camera footage to find the real culprit. You can team up with a partner and start finding clues together.

Back Alley Tales Apk has realistic graphics to impress you with its pixel art environment. All the objects and characters are designed with cute pixel art designs. Back Alley Tales also has multiple characters and heroines for you to team up with and solve the cases together. Every crime scene has a new story and zero clues but you have to find the hints and clues from the camera footage.

If you love mysteries and love solving unique puzzles then Back Alley Tale is the best pick for you. Back Alley Tale has multiple challenges to keep you entertained all the time, even in Back Alley Tales if you spend most of the time looking at footage. This all will be fun and interesting because you’ll find something new every time you watch the surveillance footage.

What is Back Alley Tales APK?

Back Alley Tales

Back Alley Tales Apk is a fun mystery-solving game where you have to act as a professional detective. You are a security guard whose job is to keep an eye on the camera surveillance and never miss any abnormal activity. You notice something is wrong and take a close look at some of the footage you have and find some clues about it.

Zoom into the footage to find more clues and see a clear image of the culprit if possible. Back Alley Tales Apk offers multiple challenges and stories that are yet to unfold. Explore Back Alley Tales and complete all the challenges to get a badge detective from the police.

Until then, you can help them just by looking into camera footage and finding clues. If you’re willing to team up with some mates then you can go to the field and have some extra evidence against the killer.

Best Features of Back Alley Tales

Back Alley Tales Download

There are many unique features packed inside Back Alley Tales Apk, here are some of the major highlights that you should know:

Interactive Storyline

Back Alley Tales has the most interactive storyline where you can interact with the witness, talk to your partner about their views, and share your theories. All these chit-chats make this game even more interesting because you can share custom dialogue in Back Alley Tales.

If you want to enjoy Back Alley Tales more intensively, you can have a partner. Choose from the list of available options and team up with a buddy to get help in solving the crimes of the city.

Challenging Investigations

There are over 50+ crime stories in Back Alley Tale that you have to solve, you can collect the clues individually or have a team for assistance. All the investigations are filled with thrills, suspense, and interesting stories.

Collect the clues from the crime scenes and look for the camera footage to find the real culprit. Unlock new achievements by solving the crime scenes in a given time and finding the real criminal.

Powerful Camera Settings

All the footage you watch in Back Alley Tale is pre-recorded and you can rewatch, rewind, or zoom in on it. This can help you in finding the tiniest details of the crime scene and you can find multiple clues if you keep watching the clips.

If you have an Android phone with better specifications, you can enhance the graphics settings of your smartphone for a better view. Get a clear view of the camera and scan the faces that you capture in the footage.

Smooth Interface

Back Alley Tale

It does not bother you with any extra settings, virtual tours, or any type of survey. Back Alley Tale has a clean interface with a friendly environment for players to have fun. It is widely popular among all age groups because of its smooth performance on all devices.

Multiple Heroines

There are a total of four leading heroines in Back Alley Tales. Each model has a different backstory and nature. It depends on you which one you choose and team up to solve the crime puzzles. Deal with them according to their mood and nature because you have to make strong connections with each of them to win the game.

Free For Everyone

Back Alley Tales Apk is a free crime-solving game and it doesn’t ask you for any sort of subscription or paid membership. You can play and enjoy every corner of Back Alley Tales without spending a single dime from your pocket. Apart from this, the app also does not have anything to sell or promote. There are no in-app purchases or any virtual store in Back Alley Tales to spend real-life money in Back Alley Tales.

Cute Pixel Art Environment

Back Alley Tales for Android

All the images and backgrounds you see in Back Alley Tales are designed in pixel art. It’s a fun way to create characters using cute pixel art imagination. Every scene is in retro pixel style image, you have to explore the scene and find the hidden, clues and objects by observing the situation.

Most of Back Alley Tales is based on the surveillance camera footage. So it has the aesthetic and vivid quality of images in the game. Back Alley Tales Apk visuals are not suitable for kids under 13 because they may have some abnormal and misleading images.

Ad-Free Experience

Back Alley Tales Apk is a free game as well and it doesn’t promote any type of advertisements on their interface. You will never find any prompts or pop-up adverts on the game so you can play the challenges without being interrupted by the spam of video ads or any sort of notifications. Feel free to explore every challenge and corner of the game without any limitations. There is no paid subscription. Everything is free and anyone can play Back Alley Tales without dealing with annoying ads.

Play Offline

If you want to play Back Alley Tales without an Internet connection, you can enjoy the offline mode of Back Alley Tale Apk. You don’t need a working Internet connection to save the progress in Back Alley Tale Apk. All the progress will automatically be saved in Back Alley Tales even if you’re playing online or offline. Do not worry about your achievements or unlocked missions because all the data is safe even if you’ve completed the tasks during offline mode.

Tips for New Players – Back Alley Tale

If you’re new to the era of solving crimes, then you must learn some tips as a beginner to act professionally in the game.

Scan Videos Carefully

Your job is to watch surveillance footage from the camera. Find every little detail by scanning the video carefully. If you find anything abnormal or inappropriate in the videos, then mark it as a clue. You’ve been a professional security guard for a long time so it’s a fun task to watch the footage all day. Make sure not to miss any important clues from the videos.

Take and Share Notes

You should maintain some notes to get help in solving the puzzles easily. Write down all the important details about the case and summarise the names and characters of those who are related to the crime scene. This can help you learn things fast and let you know about the other’s perspective on the case too.

Change Display Settings

If you have an Android smartphone with good specifications then we suggest you tune up the graphics settings. This will improve the graphic quality and provide more clear images in the video footage. Back Alley Tales Apk is compatible with all Android versions and models. So feel free to install Back Alley Tales Apk without worrying about the requirements of Back Alley Tale.

Find New Theories

After every investigation, you will find new theories and the public’s opinion on the case. Go through all the important stuff and use your mind to think what fits the most with the situation. You can also share your theories with your partner and ask about her views on the case. Follow your guts and solve the mysteries with your unique ideas.

Rewatch, Rewind, and Zoom

You’ll get options to rewatch the camera footage whenever you want, also there are many more amazing features such as rewind, pause, zoom in and out, and many more. These easy gestures can help you scan the videos with more details and you can find every detail of the location with ease.

Download & Install Back Alley Tales APK for Android

Back Alley Tales Apk

The installation process is simple, all you have to do is follow the below step-by-step guide:

  • First of all, enable the Unknown Sources from the Android Settings. Go to Settings > Apps > Unknown Sources > Enable.
  • Download Back Alley Tales APK File from the above download button.
  • Click on the Apk file and Press the Install
  • If any prompts appear on your screen, grant the required permission.
  • Now the installation process will begin automatically and it may take a few seconds to complete the installation.
  • The icon of Back Alley Tales Apk, will appear on your Android app’s drawer, open the game and start enjoying the challenges.


What kind of game is Back Alley Tales?

Back Alley Tales is like a virtual detective simulation! You get to step into the shoes of a detective and solve all sorts of mysteries. Back Alley Tales uses surveillance camera footage as clues, so you’ll be scanning through videos, rewinding, zooming in, and trying to pick up little details to crack the case.

How to play Back Alley Tales?

Playing Back Alley Tales is super engaging and interactive! You have to play the role of a security guard watching hours of footage from cameras all over the city. Make sure to watch carefully, because any little thing could end up being an important clue. Piece together the evidence you find to come up with new theories on what happened and who’s behind it all.

Is Back Alley Tales a free game?

Absolutely! Back Alley Tales Apk is 100% free to download and play. There are no annoying ads or in-app purchases either. You can enjoy the entire mystery-solving experience without spending a dime. Back Alley Tale is a great game option if you’re looking for free entertainment.

What devices can you use to play Back Alley Tales?

Back Alley Tales is available right now for Android smartphones and tablets. As long as you have a decently modern Android device, you should be able to download Back Alley Tales Apk file and install it without any issues.

Is there much of a story mode?

For sure! Back Alley Tale Apk has an awesome interactive storyline with over 50 unique crime cases to unravel. You’ll get to know different witnesses and suspects as you dive into each investigation. Discuss theories with your partner and see the story develop based on the choices you make while investigating.


With Back Alley Tale APK, you can enjoy a variety of puzzles where you have to use your mind and special skills to solve crime situations. It’s a fun game where you have to help the detectives by finding clues from the camera surveillance footage. Team up with a partner heroine and solve the crime to win the rewards from the government. If you guys have any doubts, we are here to help you.

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