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App NameStardew Valley APK
Size389 MB
Latest Version1.5.6.52
Last Updated                        March 10, 2024


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We mostly used to play games on Facebook in earlier days and they were all related to constructing or farming with miniature characters. People love to play that type of game more because they make you feel good. If you also want to play such kind of game, you can go with Stardew Valley Apk.

In this game, you have to look after and grow your farm that is given by your grandfather. You have to take care of it, by doing all the necessary things. All the things will depend on, how well you will look after your farm by taking effort and interest in farming. Continue reading to know more about Stardew Valley Apk and its other facts.

What is Stardew Valley APK?

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Apk is an amazing old RPG game, that is available in a retro pixel-style look. It gives you a lot of freedom to play. Also, in this game, you will experience a new rural life. Here you can farm, build, raise animals, make relationships, and even get married to characters of Stardew Valley. You can have a lot of fun as it presents different challenges, to keep you engaged.

You will find Stardew Valley not only on Facebook. But now you can also download the original version on your phone, from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. There are different things, that you can do in the game along with multiple categories, and some of the coolest features might need you to spend some money.

Best Features of Stardew Valley APK

Stardew Valley Apk

Have a look at the main features of Stardew Valley Apk right below.

Relaxing Gameplay

Stardew Valley download

You will undoubtedly find the game relaxing as you do not need to fight against anyone or take the burden of anything in Stardew Valley. Also, you will need to take care of your farm smartly and do all the necessary things needed for the farm. You have to simply focus on your farming activities, without any pressure if you want to compete with others.

Growing your Farm

Stardew Valley free

Here in Stardew Valley, you will have the goal to make your farm big each day. For that you will need to take the right steps and plan strategies accordingly, to grow your crops effectively.

Face Different Challenges

Stardew Valley apkoops

Many challenges will be there in your farming world. But challenges should be there to have a lot of fun. So you should always get ready to face any kind of challenges in Stardew Valley.

Fun Activities

Also, there are many tasks that you will need to finish and thereby you will not find Stardew Valley boring at all. This part of the game is very interesting and it will keep on engaged continuously without a doubt.

Make Friendships in the Village

Stardew Valley will not only allow you to grow your farm but also to make friends and talk to them and meet them too. Other farmers will help you in this task if you do not know about this skill.


Sometimes, you will need to face different ads from other companies as they are part of the application. Good apps usually have the interruption of ads.

Exploring the Caves

When farming and talking with folks in town gets a bit boring, you can get into the deep mines. In that section, you will need to fight against monsters and look for valuable materials. You can go much deeper as you can but the monsters are really scary and the cave is dark too. But keep in mind that the deeper you go, you will be able to unlock more things in Stardew Valley.

Start a Family

You are also getting the chance to start a family by attracting partners with a variety of jewelry and gifts. Also, you can make good friends. There are different people in Stardew Valley, who will give different things to your farm that you might need to experiment with.

Tasks around Town

The world of Stardew Valley is huge and satisfying as it will give you loads of single-player fun. Also, you can play for many hours and even play again to try and make your farm even better or just relax and have a great time.

Improving your Skills

This game will also help you to improve your skills as you will keep on struggling from a grower to a master farmer. You will become an expert in fighting, farming, mining, and fishing too.

Stardew Valley – Experience the UItimate Farming Game

Do you feel like going away from your busy lifestyles, leaving your job, and living in a quiet village to grow vegetation? If you observed that way, then Stardew Valley is your game, no question. It is the appropriate game to make your dream farm in different approaches. Stardew Valley APK is made by Eric Barone, and it is a farming game, this is inspired by Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing.

In this game, you will begin your very own farm, develop something you want, explore mines to get rare minerals, make interesting friendships, and even become very rich if this is your wish. It is like building your virtual farming world while taking the pleasure of wonderful adventures.

Make Your Dream Farm

You need to simply imagine that you are getting your grandpa’s old farm in Stardew Valley Apk and you are very much tired of your boring office job. So you are finding out to start a whole new lifestyle with the use of a few old tools and some coins. At the start, you will get to choose from five different settings to make your dream farm. You can go for the classic one, or even have a farm by the beach according to your wish.

Here you will not only grow crops but you will also dive into the world of raising animals to get special products. When you go ahead, you will find a variety of recipes to cook tasty meals, and make useful gadgets, and you can even decorate your farm and house the way you want. There are more than 100 recipes, that you will get in Stardew Valley Apk, but getting them all is not that much easy.

Be Alone or with Others, Just Have a Great Time

You will get lots of tasks to do in Stardew Valley Apk other than planting plants and raising animals, and it will keep you engaged. If you want to go fishing, you may spend your afternoons fishing on the seaside, lake, or river to capture a few crabs. If you want to address rocks and minerals, you can get your pickaxe and get into darkish mines to find uncommon substances. But you will need to combat dangerous enemies with the use of the sword. You can also make new friends while playing Stardew Valley.

If you need to buy some products, sell your crops, or need to realize your neighbors more in Pelican Tower, this game will let you interact with more than 30 people and make friendships with them. And if you are not just happy with in-game friends, you can also invite your actual friends inside Stardew Valley. You can invite up to four friends to assist in farming, pass on adventures with you, and share resources.

Get a Real-Time Passing Experience

Stardew Valley Apk is a game where time simply passes away without letting you know and you will see that you built the farm of your dreams and engaged in everyday rural life. But you should note that time matters a lot both in the game and in real life, so make sure that you take breaks from time to time (even though we know it is tough).

Free Download Stardew Valley Mod APK

Stardew Valley Mod APK is of course a Pro version of Stardew Valley Apk. The Mod APK of Stardew Valley will help you, to complete any tasks and requirements with ease. Normally, you will need to spend a lot of time or money to get back rewards, but with Stardew Valley Mod APK you can get to your goals in a very short time. Also, it is a nice way to stand out and beat the competition. You can now download Stardew Valley Mod APK for free from our website. The process is smooth and does not cost anything and you can download it, from our website without any worries.

What is so Special About Stardew Valley Mod Version?

Stardew Valley mod Apk is undoubtedly a lovely game, that will keep you engaged for a long period as mentioned above. Because it has all those things, that can make the game very interesting. The modded version will give you more benefits if you choose it because you will find it the same as the original version. But it will give you extra features which are not there in the original version.

Features of the Modded Version

  • Get Money and Gem

Everyone wants to have gems and money in the game when they go ahead level by level. You will get both gem and money in the modded version free of cost which will help you for later use.

  • No Advertisements 

The Pro version is better than the original one and it is because you will not be able to see any kind of irritating ads in between the game.

  • Free to Use

The modded version of Stardew Valley is completely free to download and use on your device. You can download it from our website for free of charge.

  • Show Hints

In case you are stuck anywhere in the mod version app, you will get proper hints from the app to get you outside of that situation.

Why Should You Download Stardew Valley APK Mod?

The Stardew Valley Mod APK is the latest version of Stardew Valley Apk and in the modded version you can have access to all the premium features without the need to pay. In the original version, you cannot make use of premium features unless you pay money. Choosing the pro version will make things for you a lot easier along with many other benefits.

How to Download & Install Stardew Valley APK?

Stardew Valley IOS

  • Very first you have to enable the option “Unknown Sources” on your device, to download the Stardew Valley Mod APK from our website.
  • Then you have to hit the button “Download”, which is given above to start downloading.
  • There will be the downloaded APK file in the downloads folder of your device which you need to click to start installing.
  • Now simply wait for some time to get the installation completed.
  • Once it is completed successfully, you can open the game and enjoy playing right away.

Requirements to Download Stardew Valley APK

You will need to meet the following things given below to download and install Stardew Valley Apk on your device.

  • Your device should be Android version 4.4 or above.
  • The capacity is 150 MB.
  • It only supports Android devices.
  • There is no need for an internet connection to play the game after downloading the app.
  • It will take a total of 200 MB after successful installation of the app.

Download & Install Stardew Valley for PC/Mac/Laptop

  • Firstly you have to download an Android emulator like BlueStacks on your PC. When it is installed successfully, you will see the BlueStacks home screen as the central hub for your emulator.
  • As BlueStacks is usually available pre-installed with the Google Play Store, you can get a good range of Android apps here.
  • You can find the Stardew Valley Apk on the search bar of the Google Play Store on BlueStacks. Once you find the app, you can tap on the button “Install” to start installing.
  • Here your Stardew Valley Apk is installed on your PC and now you can start playing.

Tips and Tricks to Play Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley mod

Plan the Layout of your Farm

Take some time to properly plan how you want your farm to look. Then accordingly you can arrange your crops that will help you to work and save time when you walk around. You have to then think about, where to place barns, coops, and other buildings to make your farm work better.

Give Priority to Community Center Bundles

The Community Center plays an important role in the game as it lets you restore the town and get different rewards. You have to focus on finishing the bundles to unlock new areas and get valuable items.

Manage Time

Stardew Valley works on a cycle of day to night along with limited time available every single day. Thus you should plan what you want to do accordingly like farming, fishing, mining, or talking to people. You should also make use of your tools smartly to save time and energy.

Tools Upgrading

As you play more, you should go to Clint’s Blacksmith shop to upgrade your tools. Upgraded tools will help you to work faster and use less energy.

Relationship Building

Try to talk to the different characters in the Stardew Valley mod and make friends with them by talking, giving gifts, and doing quests. This will further lead to friendships, romance, and interesting stories.

Exploring the Mines

Mining is the best way to get resources and unlock new upgrades and items. You will just need to get into the mines, fight against monsters, and collect ores for making and selling.

Make Use of Crop Rotation

To make more money, it is better to plant different crops each season in Stardew Valley. But you should think about how long they will take to grow and market demand too.

Take Part in festivals

Try to take part in the festivals and events that happen during the year. You will get rewards, can talk to villagers, and do special activities when you participate.

Spend Money for Animals

Stardew Valley for PC

You have to raise animals like cows and chickens to get milk, eggs, and wool. Not only that, you should also take care of them by feeding them well.

Take Some Rest and Enjoy the Farming Game

Stardew Valley is made to offer you a fun and relaxing time. You can take breaks, explore the gaming world, and enjoy the vibe of the game.


What the size of the Stardew Valley APK is?

The size of the Stardew Valley app is only 244 MB.

Can I install the Stardew Valley APK for free?

You cannot download and install the first version for free but the mod version is free to download from our website. You can get all the premium features in the modded version.

Is there any time limit to end the game?

No there is no time limit to finish Stardew Valley. There will be an evaluation at the start of your third year of the game, no doubt. But it will not change anything so that you can continue playing.

Is Stardew Valley game addictive?

Yes, this game is undoubtedly addictive and it is because it will take you to a relaxing village life, where you will not face any troubles and burdens.

How many players can play in Stardew Valley?

Only four players are allowed to play together at a time on one single farm. Only the owner can access the farm first. So if other guest players want to access the farm, the owner will also need to play.


Stardew Valley Apk is an old RPG farming game, in which you will get the chance to build and grow your farm effectively. You can try to make your farm better than others. You will be getting different options, to choose from and put it on your farm to make it lovely.

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