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App NameHole House APK
Size580 MB
Latest Version1.1.41
Last Updated                        March 10, 2024


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Hole House is a video game by Matthew Inc. The game was available on Android smartphones on November 12, 2020. The game is filled with puzzles and more puzzling levels, as well as an intriguing backdrop. In Hole House Apk, players can build their business empire using their problem-solving skills and are helped by girls. This game is designed for both Android and PC Windows platforms and includes puzzles to challenge the puzzle-solving skill of the gamer. To win this game, one should be a sharp problem solver with high intellectual capacity only. With its appealing puzzles and three-dimensional graphics, Hole House provides a captivating experience that continually engages the player without becoming monotonous thus making someone play for hours.

Presently, you can get a lot of interesting mobile games while this one enables you to acquire your own house where you will do things at your discretion. It is about an old brothel where the new owner is you. But first, you need to prove to yourself that you are a deserving owner of this house. Hole House Apk needs more staff, and there are only a few helping girls available. These females and a smaller number of other working persons can be of assistance to you. There are a lot of responsibilities and challenges to improve house status and grow the business, depending on your new brothel owner. To expand the business, the player must now investigate every inch of the house, including the kitchen, basement, hall, and all concealed spaces. They must also solve riddles and get past obstacles. Hole House Apk contains intriguing sights, quests, and elements that are compelling.

What is Hole House?

Hole House

In the intriguing game Hole House Apk, the house’s ownership fluctuates as a result of many problems. When the new owner of the house moved in, it altered its position and expanded as an administrator. Before attempting to gain positive recognition for the home, you will demonstrate your suitability as its owner. The destiny of the house belongs to you once you possess it. The House Hole needs more workers and supplies, among other issues. There are only a few attractive women employed full-time in this residence. All you’ll do is accept their assistance, work to overcome obstacles and enhance the house’s reputation.

To start making money and turning a profit, you will have to dedicate all of your energy to expanding your company. You will purchase new furnishings and hire workers to renovate your home in exchange for incentives, which will aid you with your task.

Everything in the game is locked at first; you have to advance through the stages to unlock them. As you move forward, you progress and win levels. You will unlock all helping tools and beautiful girls. To make your house look presentive, you will upgrade your Hole House Apk to increase its worth and grow your business. This is a game where you meet many girls as the owner. It would help if you had some staff to grow your business and house fame, and you would try to attract girls and get their help. The girls know about many aspects of the game and will help your business. You will win the game if you have the skills to attract girls. Let’s dive deep into the details of the Hole House Apk.

Best Features of Hole House

Hole House Apk

The House Hole app is a very fascinating, decision-making, and addictive game. By playing this game, you will turn your dreams into reality and also get help in many aspects of life. When you become the owner of the house, you will feel proud and make many important decisions necessary for the house’s future. If you want to run a business in real life, playing games can help you check your business skills. Now let’s discuss the features that are very interesting and attractive in the Hole House Apk game.

Hypnotizing storyline

House Hole has a hypnotizing storyline that hooks the player for several hours and never bores and tires the player. You become the new owner of the old brothel where you run your business. To prove you are right for the ownership, you need to interact with one girl and make her happy. If you successfully make girls happy, then you get ownership and start working as an administrator. In the house, you have an office where you sit to run a business and make multiple decisions, which are crucial for success. As the house is an old brothel, you need to make it look beautiful and charming. You will need unique and modern furniture and girls. So, at the start, everything is locked. When you win your first level of Hole House Apk, you will unlock a few items; you need to make great and impressive progress to unlock new furniture.

Beautiful girls

House Hole

Hole House is full of beautiful girls. These girls help you at every step of the game. You need their help in decision-making and running your business. House girls know many hidden secrets of this house. You need to satisfy them and get their knowledge, which helps manage your business and house. You have also got access to customize their look and make them beautiful for your romance in Hole House Apk. When you start working, fewer people assist you in your tasks, and you need more girls to run your business and change the house look. When you progress, you will unlock new girls, which is helpful. You can travel from one place to another by taking these girls with you to enjoy their company and make your time romantic and entertaining. To fall in love with a beautiful girl with you in House Hole, you can impress them with your words, actions, and gorgeous looks.

Multiple languages

Hole House Game

The Hole House game is available in markets with multiple languages; this feature makes it more interesting and popular. If you are a player who does not know English, you can play this game in your native language. This feature is outstanding for those players who are fond of video games with business skills, as they can play this game in their native language. The player with a native language easily understands the interface and gameplay of the game and takes support in their language. You can understand the rules, dialogues, instructions, and gameplay that play a key role in your success in Hole House Apk.

Sensational scenes

As you know, the Hole House game presents high-quality 3D graphics that hook you for several hours. When you play this game, you will see many sensational and romantic scenes that will make your day happy and entertaining. As you are the owner of the house and business, you have many girls who work under you. For enjoyment, you can select any one girl for your day and spend the whole time with her. Such romantic scenes make your day, and you feel like playing it. To unlock many exciting scenes, you need to make progress and unlock girls. You can make them happy and enjoy sensational scenes with your words. Play Hole House Apk in your leisure time and enhance your progress.


The Hole House Apk interface is interesting and unique, offering a customization feature. You can customize your look, character, and dress with customization access. The game has beautiful girls; if you want to attract them, you must look charming and handsome. You can customize your look, change your clothes, make a beard, and many other things for a lovely look. You can also customize the girls; you can change their clothes and look to make them prettier. You can customize the nail paint, shoes, clothes, body language, walking style, spoken style, and types of actions of these girls according to your style. In pretty looks, they attract you more. You are the owner of the house in House Hole, and you can customize your house and office. Buy new furniture and other household accessories for the best look of the house.

Be the owner

The Hole House APK is a unique video game that gives you ownership of the house. When you start playing a game, you first prove yourself right for this post. It would help if you made a girl happy with your look, action, body language, and flirty style. After this, you become the owner of the house. You will make every decision without any interference. If you want romance or flirtation and are in a romantic mood, you can meet any girl in your office and fulfill your desires. At any time you can enjoy the company of your staff girls and reception girls. Select any girl and make time colorful. If you want to make changes in your house and office, you can renovate and buy new furniture. You can also change rooms according to your interests without any restrictions. Every decision of the house and office is in your hands in House Hole.

Romance and dating

When you play the Hole House game, you will see girls in your staff, which makes you romantic. The house also has a romantic side in which players enjoy the company of the beautiful girls. You can engage in many romantic relationships with girls and take them on dates to make your time more colorful and entertaining. Try to build connections with girls and take them on outings or dates to impress them in Hole House. You can customize your look to impress the girls with customization features. Control yourself and create relationships with them for kisses, hugs, and many more activities. If you get bored with dating one girl, you have an option to make a new girlfriend and enjoy her company. You can take your girlfriends on romantic dates and in your private rooms.

Simple control

The control of the House Hole Apk is very easy and simple. The game does not have any specific rules of playing it and the interface of the game is friendly to the user’s interaction. You can control everything in the game and every step you take will unlock new features and tools. The game does not have any specific rules of playing it and the interface of the game is friendly to the user’s interaction. It has interesting gameplay, which makes you relax while playing with easy control. At the start of the game, almost all premium things are locked, and new girls are also closed. When you make good progress, you can unlock them and use them for entertainment and success in simple control. These girls are your servants. You can give them any order and make any decision about their fates with simple control. I will suggest you play the Hole House game in your leisure time and make your day a pleasure.

Attractive graphics

The graphics of the Hole House Apk are attractive, with 3D visual HD quality content. You will always be energized when you play this game. It will grab your attention for hours and strengthen your connection with this. The HD quality of the content hooks your attention and keeps you on your toes for hours. The scenes are very impressive and enchanting, where you feel everything is real, nothing fake. The graphics quality is outstanding, and the game interface is easy and friendly. There is no need for any higher education; if you have low education, then you will also play and entertain yourself with its sensational scenes, romance, beautiful girls, ownership, and 3D graphics. Hole House is rated highly due to its attractive images, complex background, and enchanting scenes. Players can run this game on their devices smoothly and quickly.

Without charges

The game House Hole is available in the market for all players free of cost. You can enjoy the high-quality game experience of this game with any charges. There are no login fees or subscription charges for this game. You can enjoy all its premium features, gameplay elements, and HD-quality content without any investment. If you have no financial support, you can also play this game. With your progress, you will need to unlock its premium features and new girls. Excellent performance will allow you to access all of the Hole House’s features. Since you are the home’s owner, you are free to utilize whatever object is available, including the girls in the office and residence. You must thus play this game to experience great material, realistic settings, and the companionship of gorgeous girls.

Key Features of House Hole

Hole House Game apk

  • Romantic scenes in Hole House
  • Ownership
  • Friendly interface
  • Attractive gameplay
  • Interesting game story
  • Multiple language support
  • Unique outfits
  • Romance of House Hole
  • Enhance decision-making skills
  • Features and girls’ customization

Download Hole House Game for all Devices

The market is full of video games, but some are only available for Android users and others for IOS devices. There are very few available for both Android and IOS users. Hole House Apk is one of them which is available for all devices. You can play the Hole House game on your suitable device. It supports all devices, including Android, IOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux. If you want to play this game on your PC, desktop, and laptop, you can easily run it, but you are required to sit on a specific seat. For Android users, it is a mobile game. They play this game at any place at any time; there’s no need for any proper sitting. It is totally on you which device you prefer to play and make leisure time enjoyable. Enjoy this game on your suitable device and turn your day beautiful. Here is one question that arises in your mind: How do you download the House Hole game on Android devices and Windows? There is no need to worry; the next section will give you guidance and instructions about downloading and installing the Hole House game.

Download & Install Hole House APK for Android

The Hole House is a third-party game that is not available on the Play Store. You can download this game from our website and other reliable sources. Let start the it’s download way;

  • First, go into your mobile setting and, in the privacy section, find an unknown source option.
  • Click on an unknown source and now tap on the enable button.
  • Now click on the download button of Hole House from our website.
  • The download started, and it will take a few minutes to complete.
  • After downloading, find the location of the file and click on it.
  • You will see the installation notification and click on the install option.
  • It will take a few minutes to complete the installation.
  • Now the game is installed on your device, play House Hole and enjoy the girl’s company.

Download & Install Hole House for Windows/Laptop/Mac

Hole house game

  • Click the provided button above to download the HoleHouse.zip file.
  • Find the contents of the zip file on your computer and extract them there.
  • Once the file has been extracted, find the HoleHouse.exe program inside the folder.
  • To begin the installation, double-click the HoleHouse.exe file.
  • Comply with the installation wizard’s on-screen directions. Select the preferred installation location and, if asked, any further preferences.
  • Hold off until the installation is finished of Hole House. This could require a short while.
  • After the installation is complete, find the game icon on your desktop or search for it in the Start menu to start Hole House.

Pros and cons of the Game

Hole House apkoops


  • The interface of the game is friendly and simple to control.
  • Customization options allow the players to make it more enchanting.
  • The gameplay of the House Hole is unique and attractive.
  • All premium features unlock free of cost according to your progress.
  • The ability to store data privately and securely is offered by the game.


  • For Hole House to run smoothly, there must be a continuous internet connection.
  • It is impossible to establish ties or develop acquaintances online.


Is it safe for teenagers to play Hole House?

Yes, the game House Hole is safe. There is nothing horror and fighting-related content. The game is simple, but the romantic may divert their minds.

Is Hole House APK free to play?

Yes, the Hole House Apk is a free game to play. There is a login fee and subscription charges required. At the start, features are locked, and they become unlocked with your progress free of cost.

Does the Hole House game have any conditions for playing?

No, there are no conditions to play Hole House.

Can Hole House be played online?

Yes, the Hole House game is played online on Android and Windows easily, according to our instructions. You can play it online easily on your phones, computers, desktops, and laptops.

Is an Android version available for this game?

Yes, the latest Android version of the Hole House Apk is free of cost on our site. Download and install it and play it in your free time.

Is the Hole House game good or not?

The Hole House game is good, but the content could be better for teenagers. The gameplay of it is unique and addictive.


An interesting and intriguing ownership game is Hole House Apk. After demonstrating your skills like making an impression on a female and making her smile you take control of the game. Everything is now within your control when you possess the Hole House.

Any decision on any change is up to you. The features are locked at first and are unlocked based on your success. You must manage the house and business affairs to demonstrate your ability.

There is a female staff that works for your advancement in the game. The game may not be as popular as others but it is worth a try. This game is most suitable for you if you are not fond of fighting, horror, or action games. Romance, property ownership, addictive gameplay, mini-tasks, and many other activities make The House Hole an entertaining place to be. The presence of beautiful girls in the game makes your time fun-filled. To play this app’s game Hole House, download it from our site or any trusted source and install it on your PC or smartphone. Then just download and install it to have some fun with all the excitement it has in store.

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