College Brawl APK

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App NameCollege Brawl APK
Size49 MB
Latest Version1.4.1
Last Updated                        March 10, 2024


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College Brawl Apk is a fight, battle, and action-themed game to entertain people. Is College Brawl good to play in your free time? Will this game provide enjoyment and fun to the players in their spare time? These questions will be explained in this article. College Brawl Apk is a fascinating game with lots of content. The game is full of actions, fights, and battles.

If you are a battle and fight lover, then this game is worthy for you. This game is available for Android users and is free to play. No subscription fee is needed. The game is exciting throughout the gameplay, and its storyline is unique and unforgettable.

If you are a stuff lover and want to see girls and stories, then this game is suitable for you. This game enhances the player’s enjoyment level and excites them by adding stuff with a battle theme. It leads the players back to their college life memories and how they studied in college. How do they fight with friends and other boys? This game teaches us how to study, play action, and enjoy girls’ company in college. It is an action game that is highly appreciated by players. So, let’s dive deep into College Brawl Apk download for Android.

What is College Brawl APK?

College Brawl

College Brawl Apk game is for Android users and is a battle-themed content game. The story of the game revolves around the boy’s name, Ken. A red cat gang beat Ken’s friend and stole all the goods and accessories. You must help Ken’s friend bring his goods by defeating girls and the Red CatRed Cat gang in battle. You will face the Red Cat gang, which is famous in school due to their fights and power, so be careful during gameplay.

College Brawl is complete in 5 levels; thus, you need to defeat five powerful bosses in each level with total energy. When you fight with a red cat dog, the game’s story becomes more thrilling and exciting. It takes place in a university or college, where players play the role of the KenKen character with a new story and adventure. The other name of the game is action-packed. When you go to college, you can survive as an average student; many surprises await you.

Each action of the game is part of every event that leads the player to become popular in college; in this way, the player gains fame as a fighter boy. The gameplay of College Brawl is beautiful and entertains the player in their leisure time. This game is only for mature players due to its content.

The Gameplay of College Brawl

College Brawl Apk

The gameplay of College Brawl Apk is exciting and attractive. You need to use your intelligence carefully and with full attention. The fight is not easy, and you can make multiple choices to move to the next level, but in some cases, if you do not make the right choice, you are knocked out of the game and lose the game. There are many options and resources available; you can use these resources. But one thing is that when you take these resources, the game becomes harder because these choices and resources help you complete levels. When you finish a level, you get rewards on every level. This reward is due to your progress. You can use it to buy resources and weapons that are helpful in fighting.

College Brawl is an action-packed and exciting game; you can play this in a room, sitting on a chair, and forming a gang during the game. There are a lot of features of College Brawl that will gain your attention, such as graphics, animation, visuals, and game layout. On the Play Store, many fighting games are available, but College Brawl differs from them due to its unique gameplay and many other things. This game takes you to Hollywood, where you fight like a hero and help feeble people. You can enjoy your free time with excitement and make new history.

When you become a regular game player, the gameplay offers rewards, upgrade levels, and many training clubs. From these resources, you can learn new fighting methods and improve your skills by learning about the gameplay of College Brawl Apk. Most of us forget our school or college life, but Collegue brawl rewinds our past. The gameplay of the game is as if you are in your school as a new student and ready to make your journey. You can make memories as you are in school, like playing with friends, fighting with enemies, studying to get success, and making relationships with girls to make life colorful. Many tools and guns are available during the game to punish your enemies. The gameplay of College Brawl game makes it unique, attractive, and famous to play and download, making your free time enjoyable.

Best Features of College Brawl Game

College Brawl for Android

Many notable features of the game grab your attention. Rewards, upgrades, weapons, tools, actions, and more will steal your heart when you play College Brawl. Here, we will highlight some notable features, so let’s dive deep into features.

Simple control

Collegue brawl

The gameplay of College Brawl game is straightforward. You can easily understand the game interface and it without any help. If you have little knowledge about fighting games, you can also play this game due to its easy and smooth controls. Don’t think that by clicking on any option, it went wrong; the game interface is too easy. No logic is needed in College Brawl Apk, and nothing is complex like other fighting games. You can easily use tools and resources for your help, and everything is in your control; you just need to be careful, make careful decisions, and try to defeat enemies with your intelligence.

Graphics is 3D

The graphics quality is outstanding in the game. The content is displayed in 3D graphics, which increases players’ attraction and excitement levels. Many fighting games with low graphic quality are available on the market, but these are available in 3D. Without 3D graphics, there is nothing for excitement in a game that bores the player. When playing this fighting game, College Brawl animations and visual characters will steal your heart. This game interface provides you with things that you want from games. The game’s design is superb and attractive, maintaining the player’s interest.

Player’s real stories

College Brawl on Android

College Brawl Apk comes with a unique character story. You change yourself into a new character and play games for fun. Ken, Anko’s, and many other personalities’ stories are displayed. This feature makes it unique and attractive. The actual design of the stories makes the game unique, and you find yourself in the world of reality and truth. You can use many things in the game to make the story honest and accurate.

Unique character and customization

In College Brawl, there are special characters such as Ken, Anko, and many others; the characters are represented in such a way that they look natural. The realness of the characters gives an authentic-looking feel. When you play this game, you have a choice of customization. You can customize these characters according to your interest; you also have access to customize different settings to make it fun.

The gameplay offers this customization, which you can easily do without knowledge in College Brawl  Apk. Different choices accessible with these choices can customize character and grounds. Venues of the gameplay are also changeable; you can design them according to your style. Play this game and customize characters and grounds with multiple options. The customization shows you fashion sense and styling quality, so you must play the game.

Multiple venues

There are multiple venues in the game. You can select a gameplay venue that looks attractive to you. The fields are accessible with many chives to make changes. The grounds in College Brawl also have a customized option, which you can change using your senses. You will have many options on the field to grab the players’ attention.

Recreate your school memories

The one unique feature of College Brawl Apk is memory recreation. You can recreate your past school memories easily. For this, pick your school location, go to school, make friends and enemies here, and fight with enemy gangs. Do your fight without any tension and restriction of breaking school rules. You can also invite your friends to make the memories real and have fun together.

Achieve rewards

College Brawl game

You can become popular and famous in the school by winning battles and fights in the Collegue Brawl. If you play well and win battles, you get rewards. You can get rewards at level completion, which helps get a reputation. You can use these rewards to buy tools, weapons, and other helpful things during fights. In College Brawl game, you can win a house, flat, gym, and clubs to make life charming and tension-free.

Win different levels

At the start, the gameplay rules are standard, which may bore you, but it becomes interesting when you play it regularly with total energy. When you win the first level and jump to the second level, new things and options grab your attention. You can also get rewards after winning every level. On every level, you will learn new things and get experience, which makes College Brawl Apk more alluring.

Attractive scenes

During the gameplay, you will see beautiful and charming scenes such as a waterfall, a home, a club, a gym, beautiful flowers, animations, real life, and many more. These scenes make College Brawl attractive. The animation and 3D graphics of the game are outstanding and will fascinate you. So play this game and enjoy these beautiful scenes like they are real.

Key Features of the Game

  • No subscription is required for College Brawl game
  • Registration not required
  • Free download
  • Simple controls
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Authentic characters
  • Real Stories of College Brawl
  • Customization
  • Card and slot games
  • Lots of content
  • 3D graphics
  • Mobile friendly interface
  • Different arenas

Download & Install College Brawl APK for Android

The game College Brawl Apk is installed in only two steps. Here we give the instructions to College Brawl Apk download for Android.

Step 1

  • College Brawl game is a third-party application; when you download such a type of file, you must enable unknown sources.
  • Go into your Android setting, find the unknown source here, and then enable the unknown sources option.

Step 2

  • Download College Brawl Apk from any reliable source (like APKOOPS) and wait some time to complete the download. You can also download it from the button given above.
  • Go to the file manager app and check the downloaded Apk file here.
  • When you find an APK file, click on it, and you will get a notification of installation. Now click on the install option, and the installation process will start.
  • Wait some time to complete the installation; after the installation, you can play College Brawl game and enjoy your free time.

The Storyline of College Brawl

In the game, many interesting stories are waiting for you. These stories are real and attractive. Let’s see them;

Ken’s story

Ken will be the unique character of the game. He is a student of College Brawl Apk download and your friend. When your friend Ken was in college, some girls fought with him. The girls beat him and snatch all his things, and he becomes empty-handed with injuries. Now, you must help your friend; you will fight with these girls and recover all of Ken’s goods from these girls.

These girls are powerful, so be careful during the fight; you will also fight with their heads.

The story of Ken is divided into five levels, and you have to fight with five bosses and their girls at every stage. Here is some extra mode in College Brawl game where you will see 26 animations and some images. You will fight with the girls and try to win with a high score of HP and KI. This high score will help you in battle when you get injured, and in this way, you can bring back the goods of your friend Ken.

Anko’s story

The following story is about Anko, Ken’s younger sister. The gang in College Brawl Apk download also attacks her. As a friend of Ken, you will help his younger sister. Like the Ken story, there are three levels of the Anko story where you will fight with four girl leaders. In extra mode, you will see ten animations of the girl and five other images.

Now, you must defeat Anko’s enemies in College Brawl game download. When you defeat anime, you will get food items on each defeat. Collect these food items, which help increase HP and KI. Try to gather food like meat, fish, and apples. At one point, Anko became unconscious due to tiredness. Now it’s your responsibility to save her in College Brawl.

Pros and cons of College Brawl

College Brawl Download


  • The gameplay of College Brawl is beautiful, and everything is in the player’s control.
  • The graphics quality of the content is HD, which grabs the players’ attention.
  • There are no third-party ads.
  • The story customizations and multiple arenas make College Brawl unique.


  • Some content is not good for players. The content may divert their minds toward the wrong activities.


Is it safe for teenagers to play College Brawl APK?

No, College Brawl game is only for mature people. A large portion of the game is based on mature content, which is not good for teenagers.

Are there any subscription charges and registration fees in College Brawl?

No, there are no subscription charges or login fees. You just download and install this game from any reliable website on your device and start and play this game.

What is the file size of College Brawl APK game?

The file size of College Brawl Apk is around 47 MB.

Final Words

The game College Brawl Apk makes your leisure time enjoyable and entertaining. You can enjoy many content from the game. The game interface is amicable; everything is controlled, and you can customize the characters. You can design college fields according to your interests and style. The game College Brawl has many notable features, as shown above. You can download and install this game from this page by following the instructions in the section on how to install it. The game is secure, but you must download and install it from any reliable website like this. So you must download this game and make your free time a pleasure with great fun and enjoyment.

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