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School Dot Fight APK

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App NameSchool Dot Fight APK
Size18.40 MB
Latest Version1.3
Last Updated                        March 10, 2024


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If you are a game lover and looking for an amazing game in the action genre then your search has ended. We will introduce you to an Android game in the gaming community named School Dot Fight. The game was developed by a famous game production company, Net Dragon.

Today, this game has become one of the most popular games and has attracted many people from all around the globe. Let’s dive into the astonishing world of School Dot Fight and explore this free-to-play game’s unique features.

What is School Dot Fight APK?

School Dot Fight

School Dot Fight is an action and thrilling game designed for Android users. It revolves around the issue of school violence in which you will play the character of a brave fighter girl. The task is to defeat your enemies, save other people, and bring a peaceful environment to the school.

The game is separated into five stages with multiple levels from simple to difficult. As you win the initial levels, you will get more rewards, weapons, and money to attain your final destiny. The battle challenges the fighter’s abilities to overcome all difficulties and survive the territory.

School Dot Fight: Features and Functions

School Dot Fight has many highlights and features that make it the best choice for action gaming players.

The interface of School Dot Fight Apk is quite simple and easy to understand. Players need some basic knowledge of using a keyboard and mouse to play this game.

  • Use arrow keys to move your character.
  • Use alphabetical keys A or D to jump.
  • Move right with the use of the W or S keys
  • Hide from your enemies by using Q or E
  • Tap the key R to run faster
  • Press C to attack enemies with the use of weapons


It presents a variety of gameplay features like character or weapons selection and multi-player battles. You can select your weapon, customize the character, upgrade your abilities overcome all challenges, and defeat your enemy.

Gaming world of School Dot Fight

School Dot Fight Apk

School Dot Fight Apk lets you enter the colorful, attractive, and diverse world of school life. Players can navigate many areas of the school building like playgrounds, sports areas, classrooms, student activity rooms, and laboratory areas. In each location, fighters will get the opportunity to collect special items or rewards, different missions, and enemies to fight.

Moreover, the gaming environment allows the players to participate in various competitions between community groups. In this way, they will get the chance to have incredible experiences and learn valuable lessons.

Graphics of School Dot Fight

The game has simpler 2D graphics with sharp visual effects. It has been designed in a way that catches the attention of gamers for longer without having the feeling of boredom.

The application offers many locations to play in School Dot Fight Apk and you will select as per your choice. It includes a crossroads, metro entrance, clock tower, clock tower entrance, theatre and others.

You are advised to use a compatible Android device to have better visual effects and movement graphics.

Sound effects

The sound effect catches the attention of players and enhances their interest. It adds reality to the fighting environment by making exclusive sounds of weapons like guns or bombs.

Customize Character design

School Dot Fight download

You can design the character of your choice by customizing its clothes, hair color, skin tone, gender, and appearance. Therefore, every player can create a virtual environment of his interest and have more fun while playing School Dot Fight.

Weapon Selection

The player has plenty of options to attack his enemies by using different weapons like swords, axes, machine guns, bombs, shields, mortars, and others.

Fighting skills

This is an outstanding feature of School Dot Fight Apk that allows the player to learn basic combat and fighting skills. In this game, you will embody the role of a strong girl to perform strategic moves and engage fluently in thrilling fight actions.

Create fighting style

School Dot Fight for Android

In School Dot Fight Apk, the player came across diverse groups of opponents and situations. These enemies cause threats to the school victims with the use of many items. In each situation, the player will have to use his fighting skills to complete all the missions and defeat his enemies as well.

The more the fighter defeats his enemies, the more speedily the game progresses to the next stages. Therefore, the player must create a fighting plan to get victory in each situation.

Varied modes of play

The game is divided into five modes. Each mode has varied levels of difficulty. In the first three modes, missions are easier to combat. With each level, the player will upgrade his skills and get many rewards and weapons to meet the strongest opponent and surpass the final stage. Battle areas and locations are constantly changed in each mode. This is an entertaining feature that engages its users without getting fed up.

Multi-player mode

This is an exciting feature of the School Dot Fight Apk. Like in real-time battles, players can compete with each other. They can make their teams with other players to participate in group events like sports tournaments and group activities.

Gaming experience

This is not only a game. You will get adventure and entertainment with School Dot Fight APK. Furthermore, players will gain combat skills and interesting gaming experiences with this application.

Free to Download          

All of us know that most games available on websites are either online or paid to download. But with School Dot Fight APK, you can play and download the game free of cost. Therefore, players can spend many hours full of fun and thrill without getting worried about the money.

How to Download School Dot Fight APK?

As the game is age-restricted, that’s why it’s not available on Google Play Store. Instead, you will have to search for third-party websites or trusted websites for this purpose. We will provide a complete guide of step-by-step instructions on how to download the game on Android.

  • If you want to download School Dot Fight Apk, locate the download link provided above on our website. Tap on it and it will start downloading the APK file.
  • Before that, a pop-up notification appears as a warning. But don’t worry; ignore the message as you are going to install the app from our trustworthy website.
  • Go for “download anyway” and start downloading.
  • It might happen that your device settings will not permit the APK apps to download. You can resolve the problem if you follow these steps;
  • Go to your device “Settings”, tap on “Security” and locate unknown sources.
  • Toggle it on to enable the unknown sources to download the app.

How to Install School Dot Fight APK on Android?

  • After downloading has been completed, locate the APK file in your device’s download manager and click on the file.
  • It will ask for some permission, allow it, and proceed to install the app.
  • It may take a few seconds and installation has been completed.
  • After that, you are ready to use the gaming app on Android and get a lot of fun for free of cost.

What will you get by playing School Dot Fight?

School Dot Fight apkoops

  • The gameplay is considered not only for time passes but also provides valuable lessons with amusement.
  • School dot fight allows his players to make sudden decisions and overcome challenges in each situation. In this way, you will be able to develop multiple talents of decision power and confront your enemies by exploring their flaws.
  • The gameplay also encourages teamwork and group activities. It allows the players to join multiple communities and participate in different competitions.
  • It also helps to develop communication and teamwork skills that are an amazing outcome of School Dot Fight Apk.
  • It helps its players to develop combat skills and thoughtful minds. In each level, players need to create a plan of fighting when and how they will use different weapons and items to defeat their enemies.

Source of Enjoyment

The game serves as a source of fun and amusement for game lovers. Its central theme along with the subject of school violence attracts the attention of action-playing gamers. It brings an entertaining and vibrant gaming experience. The five modes divided into multiple difficulty levels appeal to the fighters of all skill levels. In short, the game’s distinctive approach separates it from other titles in this genre.

Not suitable for kids

The game is not considered for younger children as the gameplay tackles the issue of battling with opponents and monsters in the school environment. It must be kept in mind that School Dot Fight Apk is designed for mature players due to its mature content. The game also emphasizes playing responsibly without losing control over them.

In-app purchases

The game has an exciting feature for those players who can purchase and spend their money for this purpose. Although it is quite optional it provides further benefits to players who choose for in-app purchases. You can create new characters, get more weapons, acquire additional abilities, and unlock new items or components with this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I play School Dot Fight on a device other than Android?

Yes, the game application is compatible with many devices other than Android. If you are a PC user then you can download the app with Android Emulators.

Is it secure to download the School Dot Fight APK?

Yes, it is secure to use this app if you have downloaded it from a trustworthy website. You must install anti-virus software to protect your device from viruses or malware.

Is School Dot Fight a paid game to play?

No, the game is completely free to play and it costs nothing at any stage.

Can I download the game from the Google Play store?

No, you can get the download link only from third-party websites.

Are there any system requirements to run School Dot Fight?

There are no specified requirements. You only need the latest Android device to download and run the latest version of School Dot Fight APK.


School dot Fight is not just a game; it serves as a complete package of fun, action, thrills, and helpful lessons. The players develop fighting skills, strategic moves, quick decision power, and group activities with communication skills in this gaming experience.

It has gained the attention of gamers with its captivating interface, pixel art graphics, and realistic sound effects. Therefore, if you have a fantasy of being a superhero and want to rescue the victims of school violence, then download School Dot Fight Apk and enter the amazing world of the action game.

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