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Forest Of The Blue Skin APK

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App NameForest Of The Blue Skin APK
Size13 MB
Latest Version6.0.2
Last Updated                        March 21, 2024


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Have you ever experienced to pass through a forest full of wild animals and horrified creatures? Let’s go to the exciting world of an action and adventurous game, “Forest of The Blue Skin Apk.” It was introduced by a group of Japanese Developers, “zell23”, for the fans of action genre players.

The Forest of The Blue Skin Apk surrounds the character of a boy who is caught in a forest and wants to escape. Meanwhile, he faces many hurdles and terrible monsters throughout the game. The primary goal is to search for the items that help him to escape from a dark and horror forest.

The latest versions of Forest of the Blue Skin are known to be compatible with PCs and many other Android devices. The purpose is to entertain those interested in playing games in their leisure time.

In this post, we will explore the storyline and features of this role-playing game. It has become popular in the gaming industry due to its unique features and engaging storyline.

Story of Forest Of The Blue Skin

Forest of The Blue Skin Apk

The storyline starts with the brown-haired character waking up in a forest wherein darkness and danger are everywhere. The player tries to survive and find a way to escape this place. Although it’s not an easy mission, he has to face many challenges and wild creatures like beasts, fierce animals, and other unseen monsters with blue skin. He will fight with all his enemies using his abilities and weapons and defeat them.

Another main objective of the player is to search for a map and a key that will unlock the gateway of this dark forest. For this purpose, he would solve certain puzzles and search for clues to achieve the goal.

“Secret doors” is another feature of Forest of The Blue Skin Apk These doors are tightly locked, and the player will search for the keys to open these doors. These keys are hidden in dark locations or underground caves. The player’s goal is to find them to unlock the “Secret doors” of the dark forest.

Locations and game levels

The Forest of The Blue Skin Apk consists of certain levels. Each level progresses from easy to difficult and provides a chance to gain extra abilities and coins to reach the next level.

The Forest of The Blue Skin Apk has been designed in seven areas to make it more attractive. These areas include a forest, tree area, desert, mansion area, tomb area, swamp, and a magical forest. Each area has different enemies and challenges.

Challenges and Battles

In this Forest of The Blue Skin Apk, the player faces many challenges and hurdles to achieve his goal. He needs to upgrade his skills and power-ups to face and defeat the female monsters and overcome all hurdles.

In addition, the player came across a range of fierce and spooky landscapes that are more challenging to pass through. If you consider yourself strong enough to face all challenges, Forest of Blue Skin would be an amazing adventure.

Forest of Blue Skin 

Exciting Gameplay

To enjoy and achieve the primary goal of this game, the player must have specific skills and talent to complete all the requirements. These comprise solving certain puzzles, collecting items, and defeating all the enemies that come across his way. With every success, the player will get extra coins. But, if the monsters overcome the player, they will take your power.

In addition, conquering the enemies helps the player to acquire special abilities like enhancing the damage ability, dodging monsters, and creating a defensive wall between him and the monsters to avoid surprise attacks.

Upgrade the character

You will get an opportunity to upgrade your character after completing twelve levels in the game. You will learn about the skills and weaknesses of the combat style of strange monsters, and you can use the best fighting attacks against them. With this experience, you will progress to the next stages quickly and easily.

Forest of The Blue Skin Download

In addition, you will also get a chance to use extra tools and weapons with each level and success. These tools include swords, spotlights, guns, golden necklaces, and hammers.

Best Features of Forest Of The Blue Skin

Forest of The Blue Skin Apk is a gaming application made for Android users. It attracts its players with its adventurous and action gameplay. It is a 2D animated game designed in a forest full of horror and enemies. The gameplay challenges the player to defeat all his enemies and escape from this strange world.

Gaming modes

Forest of The Blue Skin Apk has two playing modes. One is to search and explore special items while passing through the dark forest, while the other is to fight with the wild creatures using special weapons and abilities.

Character Choice

The Forest of The Blue Skin Apk allows you to choose a character with your choice from a range of characters. Each one has its abilities and powers. You can select and change the character at any time.

Character upgrade system

Downloading Forest of The Blue Skin Apk provides a unique feature to upgrade the character’s attacking abilities, fighting skills, powers, weapons, and evasion abilities. This upgrading system helps the player to become more powerful to overcome the strange monsters.

Graphical representation

The Forest of The Blue Skin Apk has 2D and horizontal transition effects. All the characters and atmosphere in the game are animated attractively and colorfully. The pixel graphics are designed in a Japanese style that attracts its players.

The monsters shown in the game are mostly females including witches, snow girls, bat women, and pink slime, all beautiful and amazing characters.


Players of “Forest of The Blue Skin Apk” are amazed at the soundtracks ranging from energetic and fast to soft and slow music. It also has background music that changes with the situation or level of the gameplay.

Sound effects make the Forest of The Blue Skin Apk more challenging and mysterious. The sound of weapons, cries during fighting with monsters and animals, and the sound of footsteps are the features that give you a sense of real forest life.

Save game

The Forest of The Blue Skin Apk offers an incredible feature to save your progress and level of gameplay. It helps you to start from where you left off in the previous session. In this way, you don’t need to begin from the zero level or can continue the game at any time according to your ease.


It has a simple and attractive interface that is easy to understand for every user. You have a choice to adjust the settings and can access various elements of the game. It consists of responsive controls that help the player move the character around all areas and perform different functions like running, jumping, attacking, and splashing.

You can also adjust the difficulty level according to your experience and skills. Thus, the game developed for both beginners and experienced players.

Downloading the gaming APK also provides a tutorial to help players to begin this adventurous game.

Key Features of Forest Of The Blue Skin APK

  • It is a game full of action and adventure where you will explore a dark forest and its hidden secrets and fight the horrible creatures.
  • Your task is to hunt and collect several items and weapons to make your adventure more interesting.
  • Players will get a chance to interact with other side roles in a game.
  • The gameplay has diversity in its modes and locations. So, the player enjoys and experiences the game in various ways.
  • The game is updated regularly to enhance the quality and gaming experience of the players.
  • The gaming app APK is small in size, not take up too much space in your device. You can easily install it on any device because there is no need for a high-RAM Android to play this game.

Download & Install Forest Of The Blue Skin APK for Android

The game is available for most Android devices. You can download it from various sources or third-party websites, but we highly recommend downloading it from our website as the app source is safe and secure.

  • Go to the web browser and search for downloading “Forest of Blue Skin.”
  • Keep in mind to select only reliable websites to download the gaming application.
  • Or you can choose our website to download the APK file.
  • Tap on the download link so the procedure will start.
  • To download the APK files, you must change your device settings and allow downloading the app from unknown sources.
  • After doing so, locate the file on your device and click on it to start the installation process.
  • It will take some moments for the game to install on your device.
  • You are now ready to play and enjoy the game for many hours without boring.

 Gaming experience

Forest of Blue Skin is an excellent game to play. You will gain a wonderful gaming experience with this exciting application. Its Japanese graphics, adventurous storyline, and appealing music will not disappoint you. You will be entertained with the journey of Forest life and its challenging gameplay.

Furthermore, the Forest of Blue the Skin brings a sense of enjoyment, an exciting experience and develops problem-solving abilities in the gamers. Colorful areas, grassy locations, brave characters, and strange monsters make this game a unique and incredible package for fun and joy.

 Pros & Cons of Forest of Blue Skin

As each application has its pros and cons, likewise Forest of Blue Skin has some positives and negatives that we are going to discuss below;


  • It is an animated 2D gameplay with entertaining graphics and an adventurous storyline.
  • It consists of Japanese standard pixel art and graphics.
  • It is an action-packed game full of challenges.
  • The gaming app is updated regularly to have a better user experience.
  • The game size is small and compatible with many Android devices.
  • The app APK offers a smooth gaming experience with minimal bugs.
  • It gives entertainment and a sense of excitement and fun.


  • The Forest of The Blue Skin is not dubbed in English and does not have subtitles for the Japanese voiceover which may be a hurdle for many players.
  • It has no multi-player option.
  • Some players think that the graphics are outdated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by Forest of Blue Skin APK?

Forest of The Blue Skin is an interesting gaming application designed for action and adventure lovers. The main objective is to overcome all the hurdles and enemies in the dark forest and escape from this mysterious place.

How can I play Forest of the Blue Skin?

You need to download the gaming app and install it on your smartphone. Also, you can easily watch its tutorial to have a guideline. Your mission is to use the character, perform different actions, and collect its weapons and coins to reach the next level.

Is it safe to download the game from sources other than Google Play Store?

If you download the applications from trustworthy websites, then it would be safe and secure to install the game on Android or other devices.

Is it free to download and play the game?

Yes, Forest of The Blue Skin is free to download the game. It doesn’t need any purchases or subscription charges to play Forest of the Blue Skin.


Forest of the Blue Skin depicts a forest full of wild animals and strange creatures. Forest of The Blue Skin challenges the player to defeat these creatures and unlock all the hidden secrets of the forest. The Forest of The Blue Skin attracts players with its attractive gameplay, colorful areas, exciting challenges, and eye-catching visual and audio effects.

In short, if you want a thrilling gaming experience with this action-packed 2D animated android game, download and enjoy the adventure of the forest or strange monsters with Forest of the Blue Skin.

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