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App NameParasite In The City APK
Size51 MB
Latest Version1.1
Last Updated                        March 10, 2024


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Launched by Japan’s re­nowned Pixel Factory in 2013, Parasite in the­ City is a game loved by many. Its unique, challe­nging gameplay stood out, winning players’ hearts and colle­cting positive feedback from the­m. It adds an exciting feel to the­ gamer’s experie­nce since it’s packed with action. The­ components making the gameplay intriguing aid in its popularity. The game­, Parasite in City, blends puzzle­s with elements of horror and action as playe­rs navigate through an infested city, combating monstrous cre­atures to find an escape route­.

During the gameplay, the individual controls a fe­male lead trapped in the­ city. Haunted by zombies and ghosts, she must skillfully navigate­ numerous levels of city landscape­s, maneuvering around challenge­s. This will require both motor skills for handling weapons like­ guns and strategic thinking to tackle the lurking monste­rs.

Its seductive and appealing storyline makes it popular. Parasite in City became more joyful with its unique music, which never bore players for hours. The graphics with manga animation make it more beautiful and hook players for hours. Parasite in City is a horror and action game that requires your full attention. Do every movement carefully because you do not know where zombies and ghosts attack and kill you. Let’s dive deep into Parasite in the City 2 APK game.

What is Parasite in the City APK?

Parasite in the City

In “Parasite in the­ City 2”, you step into the shoes of the­ brave female le­ad entangled in a terror fille­d city, relying on her skills for survival. Your challenge­? Battling the undead! Gameplay Isn’t just about de­feating foes, it invokes your wits too. A string of puzzle­s awaits your ingenious solutions. This boosts your critical thinking. You have the fre­edom to choose your path in engaging the­ creepy creature. These zombies, the­ enemies in Parasite in City, don’t relent; brace­ for battle. Winning depends on the­ir defeat. Your arsenal? Colle­cted from your search around, aiding you in your quest to e­merge victorious.

To shoot zombies and solve puzzles, you must collect rewards and battle points. In addition, gamers should kill monsters to achieve a strong place or security within Parasite in City download. You can move, jump, shoot, and also kick; your kick reveals how well you can fight. It is a mix of fun, challenges, and thrill for players. The game has many attributes that make it more enjoyable for the players and these attributes are given freely. It is one of the games of this type with 2D pixel graphics which makes it more common among users.

The developers included interesting content in Parasite in City 2 to make it even more entertaining for the players. So if you like horror themes then this is for you.

Best Features of Parasite in the City

Parasite in City

Parasite in the City game is a unique and popular horror and puzzle-solving game that gives you much pleasure in your free time with its attractive and interesting features. This means that all of the features of the game are free for use by anyone at any time without having to pay or make any payments. These are the features of Parasite in City.


Parasites in the City

Parasites in the City starts with a female character who must navigate through a city full of monsters and zombies. To survive in this City, players need to use intelligence, wisdom, quick reflexes, and problem-solving ability. This City is filled with hidden secrets that give important information. To kill zombies and monsters, you have to find out the hidden secrets of this city to become successful. The game’s mechanics is evidence of how entertaining it is, never boring the players. The storyline of Parasite in City is so engaging that it will capture your interest from the start till the end. As you progress through this game, truths and hidden secrets about this City will be revealed. With its unique gameplay and storyline, this is an immersive gaming experience you will enjoy.


The graphics of Parasites in the City are mesmerizing for the players in a horror environment within the City. It features 2D pixel graphics which has made it popular. There is also animation, cartoons as well as 2D-pixel graphics which deliver an impressive look on your screen making it look colorful and lively. Its graphic quality is awe-inspiring; the sound quality is just amazing too! You can fully customize its settings according to your needs with optimization options available for all its features in general. The comfort of the players is considered by its game design. Every corner of Parasite in City is made so that you can explore this city full of colors for fun. The graphics enhance the player’s experience and unveil numerous hidden secrets, beauty, and danger.

Play this game and enjoy your free time in this colorful City where scenes enchant you.


Parasites in the City game

Surviving in this City is not secure you must know about the safe places by exploring all areas. Stay hidden and do not uncover your identity if your identity is revealed, the zombies will attack you in Parasites in the City. Move carefully and collect helpful tools and resources in the time of attack and fight. Take every movement with a complete strategy to keep yourself away from the eye of the parasites, who are always ready to kill you. Surviving is not very difficult, but the City is a horror that frightens you, and you will lose hope. If you have a powerful weapon, then you can take every step carefully you can move, jump, shoot, and kick without any restriction, but always take these steps with full strategy and carefully.

Zombies and monsters

Zombies and monster creatures in the City are parasites from Parasite in City. This creature is always willing to attack you and make the game more difficult. This game has a different degree; you will meet your enemies at every level. In Parasites in the City, your objective is to battle with zombies and monsters and kill them so that the way can be cleared of obstacles for you. Trying to find potent weapons that will assist you in a fight. When you battle with zombies and monsters, your skills will demonstrate that can tackle problems well. If you want to survive in this City then always be prepared for solving problems and attacking enemies. So you need to fight the Parasite and kill them to advance to another level.

Immense diamonds

This Parasite in the City game has unlimited diamonds among other features which make this game more exciting. You can get unlimited diamonds by activating the diamond feature on Parasite in City. On starting this game, the diamond feature is found locked to unlock go into the feature lobby where you will enable unlimited diamonds in the game. The diamonds will start generating in your game while playing time when you open up these unlimited diamond features. These unlimited diamonds are used for many purposes such as unlocking other missions and levels and getting help weapons. These unlimited diamonds are available to players free of charge there is no need for any charges or money to unlock this feature. There are no premium features for unlocking or using which money needs to be paid.

Challenges and puzzles

Parasites in the City contains many puzzles that need your intelligence to solve them. By solving puzzles, several ideas come into the mind of a player. How can she safely secure herself? The hard interface of the game adds to the player experience. New challenges will come at every step. Challenges are intricate and may put players in an awkward spot, therefore try to overcome such challenges with attention as well as patience. Whenever you play Parasites in the City and battle against zombies, various obstructions or hurdles appear on the way. Now, you need to be smart enough to win it. Use diamonds to unlock tools and levels. There are no fees for the diamonds. They can be used to unlock so many things. To achieve a high rank in Parasite in City, you have to develop your skills. This game develops your problem-solving skills in real life.

Key Features of Parasites in the City

Here are some characteristics of the Parasites in the City that provide more details about this game.

Play an unlimited number of levels and missions

Using diamonds, you can unlock the various levels and objectives in Parasite in the City game for free.


Parasite in City is user friendly whereby players can have control of everything. It is also playable on mobile devices. You can play it without paying any fees, and its features are easy to use.

Collect resources

Weapons, food, first aid kits, and other things that are needed. Use these resources sensibly for survival in Parasites in the City.

Appealing music

Parasite in the City 2 has unique background music, and a combination of horror and rock tunes, which enhances the player experience.

Easy-to-use controls

Parasite in City is simple to use and intuitive to play. Players can move and use everything easily. Everything is made to be easily used to keep her character and shape it.

Numerous levels

Numerous stages of parasites in the City feature monsters, scary zombies, and explicit material. Every level will present new problems, so develop effective techniques to go through the level and win.

How to Download & Install Parasite in the City APK?

Parasite in the City 2

Parasite in the City 2 is a horror game that is a combo of action and fighting. You can download and install it from our website as well as any other trustworthy source. The step-by-step download instructions are given below

  • First, go into your mobile setting and find an unknown source option.
  • Enable the unknown source by clicking on it.
  • Click on the Parasite in the City download link, which is given above.
  • The download process will take a few minutes to complete.
  • After completing the download, find out the location of this download file.
  • Click on the file, and the install option will appear on the screen.
  • After that, click the “install” button, which takes a few seconds to finish.
  • After downloading and installing the game on your device, start playing and have fun.

FAQs – Parasite in City APK

Where can I find Parasite in the city APK?

You can download and install Parasite in City from our website as well as the Google Play Store. The above has given the download and installation guide.

Are there in-app buying things on this game?

In the modded version, nothing costs a penny and there is no buying involved of Parasite in City however, you would have to purchase its original.

What makes Parasite in the City so complicated?

The invasion of the zombies and monsters creates complicated situations for the player in Parasite in the City game.


Parasite in the City game is a rather unusual horror, fun, and action-based game. This game contains various activities such as puzzles, combat, and exploration. In this City, players explore and embody the life of a main character trying to save someone’s life. Zombies and monsters are enemies in Parasites in City and attack the player and kill her. Players need to develop power and strategy to survive in this horror city that runs with parasites. This game has various stages, each with new obstacles for players. The feature of unlimited diamonds appears to the player free.

Every feature of the game is unique and attractive. This game became more interesting with 2D pixel visual animation. This game provides all the entertainment free of cost. All features of the game are accessible free of cost. Tools and levels unlocked with the diamond, and use them free of cost. Zombies and monster creatures are enemies; players need to fight with them and defeat them. If the player manages to kill all zombies and monsters he or she would have won Parasite in City. Players need to become better in their skills so that they achieve a high rank and make successful progress in the game. So download this game from our site and spend your free time with pleasure.

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