HornyCraft APK

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App NameHornyCraft APK
Size922 MB
Latest Version0.18
Last Updated                        March 10, 2024


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Do you love role-play games and want to explore a world with infinite possibilities? Try HornyCraft. It lets you enjoy multiple stories where you can participate as any character to experience the storyline at its fullest.

With HornyCraft, you can explore the world of a 3D environment and interact with other characters to develop a connection. If everything goes right, you can take her to the house that you’ve built with the 3D boxes. After that, it’s up to you, you can lean forward to do romantic or enjoy some private moments together.

HornyCraft has a smooth interface with an interactive storyline of multiple characters. You can improve your character’s appearance by unlocking new levels and gathering all the hidden items. Explore the forest to hunt useful obstacles and use them to build your own house. Craft the stones and wood to get any shape of the objects to use while building your house. Additionally, you can design a blueprint and adjust all the items through there to make the process easier for you.

However, you must have to continue the storyline to move forward in HornyCraft Apk. To complete the levels, you have to explore the nearby places and meet with the young ladies. Make them fall in love with your appearance, wealth, or conversation. It’s totally up to you, how you impress them and ask the girls out for a date. You can date multiple characters at a time and this will help you to boost your rankings and level with ease.

What is HornyCraft?


HornyCraft is a 3D sandbox survival game where you have to interact with other characters and complete the given tasks. You are in a forest where you have to craft and build a house to live in and chop the woods to create a cozy environment for yourself. Collect wood, stones, and ores, and hunt the wild animals to bring food to your table.

Not only this, you can visit the nearby town or explore the jungle to meet with other characters. Show them your friendly side and ask the girls out for a date. You can take them to your house and enjoy the night together. Impress the girls by using custom messages, telling them your brave stories, and talking about your experience living alone in the jungle.

HornyCraft is full of adventures and fantasies that you can complete using your skills. The game has multiple themes and storylines with no fixed ending, you can take the story to the end that you want. You can participate in the challenges to explore HornyCraft Apk in depth. Meet and greet with hot ladies to fulfill your desire to date a partner to live or spend quality time with you.

Main Features of HornyCraft APK

Interactive Storylines

HornyCraft offers a unique storyline for each female character you can romance. Get to know these interesting ladies to improve your progress in the game, unlocking new characters and dating them can help you rank faster. Tell the girls about your experiences and listen to their stories using the chat options.

Multiple Characters

HornyCraft for Android

There are 9 unique female characters in HornyCraft Apk, whom you can meet and take your chance on dating them. Each female has a different personality and backstory that you have to explore by asking them romantic questions. You can date all the female characters if you talk with them friendly and make them feel comfortable with you.

Massive Open World

The world in HornyCraft is huge, it gives you tons of areas to explore and settle down anywhere you want. Discover the jungle and locations where you can find all the items of your interest without letting you travel far. There’s always something new if you keep exploring the jungle and the new places on the maps.

Cross-Platform Experience

HornyCraft is available on Android phones and tablets. You can play the game on your mobile devices to enjoy the experience of survival missions at its fullest. If you want to enjoy the same gameplay on multiple devices, you can connect all your devices. It will help you to continue the game from where you left off on your other devices.

Easy Controls

In HornyCraft game, the controls are optimized for everyone and have easy navigation buttons for the users. Easy to navigate menus, build structures with blueprints, and mine resources with responsive actions. The game is friendly for both beginners and professionals.

Play Offline

The offline play feature will never let you feel bored because you can play HornyCraft game anywhere, anytime without an internet connection. Enjoy the gameplay and save your progress to never lose your upgrades and achievements due to any reason. All the game modes are available offline, so it’s a 100% offline game.

Overall, HornyCraft offers the very best experience of survival and crafting items full of adventure entertainment. Download HornyCraft Apk for Android and discover the new adventures that await you in the fantasy world.

Download HornyCraft APK for Android

HornyCraft Apk

To play HornyCraft on your Android device, you will need to HornyCraft download Apk file first and install it manually on your phone. HornyCraft download Apk file is not available on the official website or the Google Play Store.

But, you can still download HornyCraft for Android using our website because we already have gathered the working download links of the latest version for you. Follow the below steps to get the HornyCraft APK:

  • On your Android device, open your web browser and visit our website (APKOOPS) then go to the HornyCraft APK Download page.
  • You will find a big download button. Click on it and HornyCraft APK file will begin downloading.
  • Choose a safe place to store HornyCraft APK file because you will need to visit the location while installing the app manually.
  • That’s it, Your app will be downloaded in the next few seconds.

Note that HornyCraft is currently only designed for and available on Android mobile devices. The game is not available on iOS devices or for PC. You can only download the HornyCraft APK file to play the game on Android Platforms.

How to Install HornyCraft for Android?

HornyCraft game

Now you have downloaded HornyCraft APK on your device, let’s see how to Install HornyCraft:

  • Make sure you have enabled the downloads from unknown sources on your device. If not, go into Settings > Security > Enable “Unknown sources” for third-party app installations.
  • Go to your file manager and search for the HornyCraft APK file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Click on Apk File and Press the Install Allow the permissions in the prompt to begin the installation.
  • This may take a while, be relaxed and wait for the process to finish.
  • Once you get the successful installation prompt, you can directly open the game and start playing.
  • You will find the game icon on your device’s home screen or in the apps menu.

How to Play HornyCraft Game?

The crafting and survival missions make HornyCraft Apk more engaging, but there are more additional concepts of the game that you should know. Let’s see how to play HornyCraft and enjoy the game at its best:

Crafting & Building

Like Minecraft and other crafting games, you have to gather resources and use them to craft useful items and build houses. You have to repeat the process daily to find fresh food and upgrade the house levels. Chop down the trees for wood, collect stones and ores, find useful materials, and hunt wild animals or grow food to eat.

Exploration Of Jungle

HornyCraft has an open-world environment that is available for exploration. HornyCraft Apk has forests, deserts, snow mountains, and many more unique places to visit. Explore the hidden treasures and uncover the secrets of the places for your survival. Enjoy the dynamic day/night environment with realistic weather effects to make the environment feel alive.

Resource Management

Balance your hunger, deal with health/injuries, face tiredness, and keep track of other stats to make your journey realistic. You have to craft healing items for your injuries, get proper rest, and eat good food to recover faster. Sleep during the night to avoid tiredness and wake up in a fresh mood to start your day with full energy.

Quests & Challenges

In HornyCraft, there are some optional quests and challenges that provide some tasks that you can complete to earn extra rewards and unlock new achievements. In the quests, you have to explore new areas, gather useful resources, craft specified items, and much more. Completing the given challenges, you will get bonus points as rewards and unlock useful items for further storyline.

Date Female Characters

HornyCraft Download

Here’s what makes HornyCraft apart from other survival games, as you explore the jungle, you’ll meet various beautiful women on your journey. Each female has a different appearance with unique personalities and side stories. Chat with them to start bonding, make them your friends, and take a step forward to romance. This is how you can unlock new scenes and actions in the storylines with each girl.

Mini Games

Take a break from the main adventures and have fun with minigames to test your survival skills. You can participate in dance battles, drinking games, wrestling matches, and many more. It’s an additional benefit for the users to take a break from regular missions and spend some time exploring new mini-games.


HornyCraft Free

Build and decorate your home with a wide range of sandbox items. You can craft furniture, textiles, lighting, fire, wooden frames, and many more interesting materials using the 3D boxes. Find useful accessories and clothing items to customize your character appearance. HornyCraft Apk also supports character customization to change the body structure and facial expressions.

HornyCraft APK – Version Changelog

HornyCraft v0.18 (Changes)

  • A new mob has been added to the game – Slime.


  • Added the “First Meeting” scene in the latest update.
  • Fixed – Game hanging problem.


  • In the latest version, a “Don’t wake me up!” scene has been added.
  • Some bugs have been fixed.


  • The “Evening Landscape” scene has been added to the latest update.
  • Improved – Performance of the game.
  • Added new scenes.

The Endergirl:

  • Added – “Special costume” scene.
  • Added – “Insatiable lovers” ending.
  • Added – “1+1=3” ending.

Other changes:

  • Bug Fixes.
  • Improved lagging problem.
  • Small graphical changes.
  • Solved – Crashing problem.
  • Added new scenes.


Is HornyCraft safe to download?

Yes, HornyCraft is safe to download if you get it from trusted sources like our website. It’s an authentic game, not malware, HornyCraft game will never cause any damage to you or your data. Just make sure to enable app installs from unknown sources in your Android settings first.

Does HornyCraft work offline or require an internet connection?

HornyCraft works 100% offline even without the internet. There is no need for an active internet connection to play HornyCraft game. You may need a connection to download the game, but once it is downloaded, you can enjoy the full game anywhere, anytime without using your mobile data.

What devices and Android versions support HornyCraft?

HornyCraft works on most modern Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.4 or higher. Along with this, you can play HornyCraft game on older devices with lower specs, but you may struggle to run the game smoothly on them.

Is there a PC version of HornyCraft?

No, unfortunately, there are no such updates for the PC users. HornyCraft is only available on Android mobile devices currently. There is no PC/Windows version yet to download, but you can use the emulators to enjoy HornyCraft game on your desktop. You need to download the Android APK file to play on your phone or PC.

Is HornyCraft free or are there in-app purchases?

HornyCraft is completely free to download and play with no ads or in-app purchases. All the game content will be loaded when you install the game, there will be no themes or items to unlock or download later. Also, there are no hidden costs or subscriptions of any kind to cost you any fees for the gameplay experience.


HornyCraft APK is an android game where you can enjoy survival challenges along with romanticizing your story by meeting new girls around you. HornyCraft is an adventure game that lets you explore an open world with new endings. Interact with other characters and write your own story to get a happy ending. Also, craft useful items to build a castle for yourself to live with the hot models.

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