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App NamePirlo TV APK
Size12 MB
Latest Version4.1
Last Updated                        March 10, 2024


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Do you love watching football matches and don’t want to miss any updates about upcoming matches or live tournaments? Pirlo TV Apk has got you covered! With Pirlo TV, you can stream live tournaments and matches for free without any subscription. It has all the popular sports channels that you can watch anytime at high quality. Apart from this, it also allows you to replay and record the live matches to watch later.

It has multilingual content for English, Spanish, Portuguese, and many more native languages. Change video quality according to your comfort, keep it low to save data, and take it to maximum level for a better experience. If you play the videos on data saver mode, you can watch the whole match on low data too. Pirlo TV Apk offers no buffering experience to the users and provides high-quality videos for free.

If you’re a true footballer and love to watch live matches then this app can enhance your streaming experience with a lot more extra features. Enjoy the live streams without any interruption of adverts or promotional video ads.

What is Pirlo TV APK?

Pirlo TV

Pirlo TV Apk is a free streaming platform with hundreds of free IPTV channels and online broadcast services for sports lovers. You can watch the live sports tournaments and enjoy the live matches without interruption. Enjoy the wide range of streaming channels with lifetime free access.

Pirlo.TV offers various streaming options along with replay, record, and rewind matches. Check sports highlights through short videos or push notifications about the scoreboard, and many more. If you’re a sports lover then this app is the best option for you to find all the major updates and live streams of football, cricket, tennis, and basketball matches. You’ll find a smooth streaming experience on this app without any disturbance or annoying adverts.

Enjoy the minimal to no buffering live streams and watch the complete match without being annoyed by any spam or advertisements. The app also has live chatrooms for the fans to show their love and support while watching the match.

Key Features of Pirlo TV:

Pirlo TV Apk

  • Pirlo.TV offers free live streaming of sports matches and tournaments.
  • Replay, rewind, and record options to watch highlights later.
  • Video highlights of the best moments from every match.
  • User-friendly interface – easy to navigate and access streams.
  • Ad-free streaming – no annoying ads disrupting your viewing.
  • Streaming in HD quality with adjustable video settings.
  • Live chat with fellow fans during matches on Pirlo TV Apk.
  • Push notifications to get match updates.
  • 100+ sports channels like ESPN, Sky Sports, Star Sports etc.
  • Multilingual commentary in English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.
  • Covers major football leagues like EPL, La Liga, UEFA, etc.
  • Works on all Android phones and tablets.

Best Features of Pirlo TV

The Pirlo TV Apk has many unique features to seek your attention. Here are some of the major highlights from the app that we have discovered:

Live Streaming


Watch live sports events such as football, cricket, basketball, and other popular games. Enjoy access to free streaming without a subscription and never miss an update about any live matches or tournaments. Pirlo.TV has a list of popular sports channels and broadcast services that you can stream for free without any fee.

Replay Matches

With the replay button, you can watch any highlight or the victory goals of the match. The replay button will also help you to make precise decisions about whether it’s a full or successful goal. If you are a true enthusiast, then you should use these options to get closer to every activity of the match.

Video Highlights

With the video highlights option, you can summarise and watch the match’s highlights. Pirlo TV Apk offers highlights for every match or tournament to let the viewers get in touch with all the important videos and clips of the match quickly. You don’t have to watch the whole match to know about the game, the highlights will fill you in with all the updates in just a few seconds.

User-friendly Interface

Pirlo TV Apk has a user-friendly interface with no complex settings or disruptive environment. All the streaming and video highlights options are available on the app’s homepage. In only a few clicks you can start streaming the live matches and gather all the information about upcoming tournaments.

Smooth Streaming

Pirlo.TV doesn’t have any adverts or prompts to annoy your streaming experience. Enjoy the smooth performance of the app with live streaming features and feel yourself as you’re in the stadium with the crowd. It has unique video quality settings to enhance your streaming experience with even better quality options.

Minimal Buffering

Pirlo TV Apk doesn’t offer any buffering, you can watch the live matches without any delay. Get live with the crowd and watch the sports highlights while watching the game in a stadium. With minimal buffering, the app has crossed over a million active users on the live streams.

No Subscription Fees

Pirlo.TV App doesn’t have any subscription model or membership plans. The app serves all the benefits at zero cost and they promise to keep it free for lifestyle. If you’re happy with the services, you can contribute some dollars to the developers to add some additional features to the app. Either, the app is always free and available for free streams.

Wide Range of Sports Channels

Pirlo.TV has a list of over 100+ popular sports channels including Sky Sports, ESPN, Star Sports, and many more. You can watch the live channels on this app and see what they’re broadcasting on their channels right now.

The app also has a list of many more broadcast channels to let you feel ahead of the world and watch the live tournaments of a variety of other sports events. You can watch many leagues that aren’t available on any telecasting channels.

Multiple Language Options

The app offers multilingual content along with the option to switch the language settings during the matches. You can change the commentary language to your native tongue and enjoy the match with a patriotic feel.

It also covers most of the regional sports leagues along with the games at national and international levels. Never miss a single football match when you have Pirlo TV Apk installed on your Android.

Enjoy Live Chat

If you’re a true supporter of your team then you should participate in the live chants during the live streams. There, you’ll find thousands of other supporters who are shouting and cheering the team members for their performances.

Share your thoughts in live chats to get featured on the chats and everyone can like or reply to your chats openly. You can also make new friends from the chats by exchanging mutual thoughts.

Quick Notification Alerts

If you’re a busy person and have no time to watch the complete tournament, then the push notifications are a lifesaver for you. With these quick notification alerts, you can get all the major updates of the matches through push notifications. Check the latest score updates, who kicked the goals, and who was the defender, everything through the friendly notifications.

Pros and Cons of Pirlo TV

Here are some pros and cons of the Pirlo TV app:


  • Free live streaming of popular sports matches and tournaments. No fees or subscriptions are required.
  • Provides smooth streaming with minimal buffering issues.
  • Options to replay, rewind, and record live matches to watch highlights later.
  • Ad-free interface for uninterrupted sports viewing experience.
  • Easy-to-use interface with all features accessible from the home screen.
  • Video quality can be adjusted as per user’s preference.
  • Live chat with other viewers during matches.
  • Get live score and match updates through push notifications.
  • Access to 100+ sports channels like ESPN, Sky Sports, Star Sports, etc.
  • Multilingual commentary is available in many languages.
  • Covers major football leagues and tournaments worldwide.
  • Works perfectly on Android smartphones and tablets.


  • Not available on iOS devices or as a website. Only accessible as an Android app.
  • Streams copyrighted content illegally which raises legal concerns.
  • The app is not present on official app stores like Play Store. Need to download APK.
  • The quality of streams may vary at times based on internet speed.
  • The app interface could be improved with more customization options.
  • Lacks mainstream sports like golf, Formula 1, MMA, etc. Focuses mainly on football.
  • Too many ads/popups on the app may be distracting for some users.
  • App crashes or lags at times if device compatibility issues occur.

Download Pirlo TV APK for Android

As the app offers free streaming services, it’s against Google Play’s terms & conditions. You will not find this all on the Play Store, thus, the only way to download Pirlo TV APK on Android is by using third-party app stores.

We have gathered the latest version of the Pirlo.TV app and shared a download button with you in the article above. Click on the button to download Pirlo TV on Android without any issues.

How to Install Pirlo TV APK on Android?

Pirlo TV Apk Download

If you’re familiar with the process of installing third-party apps on Android then read the below step-by-step guide:

First of all, you have to enable the unknown sources from the settings to install third-party apps from outside the Google Play Store. For this,

Go to your Android Settings > Apps > Permissions > Install from Unknown Sources > Enable. After this, you can probably install any app from third-party websites and app stores.

  • Download Pirlo TV Apk file from the above button.
  • Click on the APK file and press the Install.
  • Wait for the installation process to finish.
  • You’ll get the app icon on your home screen. Open the app.
  • Skip the intro and start streaming your favorite events live.


What is Pirlo TV Apk?

Pirlo TV Apk is a free live sports streaming app for Android. It allows users to watch live football matches, tournaments, and other sports events for free without any subscription fees. The app offers smooth streaming with minimal buffering.

What sports can I watch live on Pirlo TV?

Pirlo TV Apk offers free live streaming for a wide range of popular sports including football, cricket, tennis, basketball, baseball, etc. You can catch live matches and tournaments of your favorite sports without any subscription cost.

Does Pirlo TV work on iOS or only Android?

Unfortunately, Pirlo TV is available only as an Android app. It cannot be downloaded on iOS devices like iPhones or iPads. But it works smoothly on all Android smartphones and tablets.

Is it legal to use Pirlo TV for sports streaming?

The legality depends on your local laws. In most countries, it is legal to use Pirlo TV for personal viewing but the app streams copyrighted content for free which is illegal. Use discretion and stream safely.

Why can’t I find Pirlo TV on the Google Play Store?

Pirlo.TV is not available on the Play Store as it violates their policies. You need to enable installing from unknown sources and then install the APK file that you can download from a trusted website.

Does Pirlo TV offer live streaming free of ads?

One of the best things about Pirlo TV is that no annoying ads interrupt your streams. You can enjoy ad-free live sports streaming on the app.

Can I watch matches later on demand with Pirlo TV?

Absolutely! Pirlo TV allows you to record live matches as well as replay full matches or highlights on demand. You’ll never miss the action even if you tune in late.


Pirlo TV Apk is a free streaming platform that offers various sports events for viewers to stream live. Enjoy the ad-free experience of watching big leagues and tournaments without any subscription.

So this was all about the application called Pirlo TV Apk. We hope you like this app and share your reviews with us through the comments.

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