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App NameJump Harem APK
Size546 MB
Latest Version0.51
Last Updated                        March 10, 2024


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If you’re interested in anime shows and want to play a game where you interact with all the popular models from the series then it is available at your service. This game has all the popular characters from anime series which are available for chats and interactions. You can customize your player and start dating the models in Jump Harem, make good relations with them, and summon them to stick with you all the time.

There are many more interesting tasks and challenges available in this game to deliver you a great experience. You are the hero in this game and your job is to save the world from dark evil forces. Jump Harem has a collection of demons and great evils to let you have combat fights and let you enjoy the hard challenges. Team up with the models to get great support and additional power in the combat battles.

Every time you win the fight, you’ll unlock new achievements and move forward to the next challenge. It is a safe place for anime lovers to show their inner abilities and find a perfect partner to write a personal story. Choose the correct decisions to take your bond to the next step where you can have romantic scenes with your anime partners, or you can also get married (if you want to).  This game has endless possibilities that you can explore while playing Jump Harem.

What is Jump Harem?

Jump Harem For Android

Jump Harem is an anime-inspired game where you summon the models from the popular anime series. You will find the list of all popular female characters from the anime series. Summon them to team up and stay together in all situations. You can take them to fights, your adventurous journey, and your personal space too in Jump Harem.

The Jump Harem offers a variety of options for the characters to choose any mode for the gameplay. You can fight with the evil forces and save the world from dark souls or you can have a romantic string with a partner and enjoy the personal space.

Choose whatever you want to, and live however you dream about. This lets you unlock a variety of characters after you complete the given challenge. Improve your fitness and fighting skills through daily practice and take friendly challenges to learn about your hidden abilities.

You’ll get to know about plenty of anime models with different backstories and powers, Team up with them to have a powerful squad. Accept the challenges of the dark forces to participate in the combat battles and fight against the powerful bosses. This way you can unlock new powers and abilities that can help you in your further fights. There are many more great experiences available in this game that you’ll explore once you start playing the Jump Harem.

Main Features of Jump Harem APK

Here are some of the features of Jump Harem that you should know before installing the game:

Fun Story

Jump Harem On Android

It has an interesting story that pulls you in as you play. You are the hero who is brought to the cartoon world to fight bad guys. As you go, you find out mysteries about this new place and your powers. By talking to fun characters, exploring, and moving the story along, you want to know what happens next. With surprises and high stakes, the story keeps you wanting more.

Colourful Cartoon Graphics

One thing that makes the Jump Harem game a fun platform is cartoon-like graphics. The worlds and characters are brought to life with lots of colorful details and smooth animations. From quiet forests to dark caves, the environments keep you interested in the game.

The characters show emotion through expressions and the way they move and talk. The eye-catching visuals make you want to keep playing the game.

Lots of Girls to Meet

In this game, you can meet many cute heroines and ask them to join you. These girls have different looks, personalities, and powers. For example, one strong nature witch uses magic.

Another heroine has a flaming bow to help you attack any target from a distance. Getting to know the girls and having them on your team is a big part of the game.

Build Relationships

Jump Harem Apk

An important feature of the game is building relationships with the girls you meet. You can talk to them at camps or clubs in Jump Harem Apk, give them gifts and presents, and do activities with them. As they like you more, you learn about their backstories, unlock new powers, and get new outfits.

Jumping and Fighting

This mixes jumping challenges with fighting bad guys. You need to unlock new skills to jump on various platforms, dodge attacks and stuff, and apply your moves at the right time.

As you go on, you gain abilities like double jumps and air dashes to help. Beating different enemies also takes practice to master combos and spells. Battles are always exciting if you have girls on your team.

Customize Your Team

As you play the Jump Harem for long, you can find new clothes, items, and more for your girls. Dressing them up or using potions on your hero gives you fun customization for the characters.

With dyes you unlock, you can color-match your team with the same color as your main character. Finding hidden chests and finishing challenges gets you new costumes and goodies.

Discover the Story

Jump Harem download

At first in Jump Harem Apk, there’s a lot you don’t know, like why you were brought to this world. By talking to interactive characters, exploring new places, and moving forward, you slowly learn the secrets. Finding out more about this magical place and your role keeps you interested.

Use Strategy to Win

To beat enemies, you need more than just making friends. To win, you have to be smart about clues, find the weaknesses of the opponents, pick the right girl’s powers, and dodge the attacks. Later bosses can harm you if you’re not careful! With practice, you can skillfully command your party against the bad guys.

Mini Challenges

Jump Harem also has short mini-challenges you can play. These quick activities give you something different to do for a bit. You may battle in an arena, go fishing, race carts, and other stuff. The mini-games have easy controls to start playing fast. They add variety when you need a break from the main game, and getting high scores earns you helpful rewards.

Download Jump Harem APK for Android Latest Version

To download Jump Harem on Android, you have to find the APK file to install it manually. As the Jump Harem Apk shares some inappropriate scenes and has many disturbing graphics, It is not available on the Google Play Store. You have to download Jump Harem Apk from third-party sources, such as our website or any other trusted platform.

If you’re already here then you can download the Jump Harem file from the above download button. It’s the latest version and has all the features mentioned above in the package. The process to download the game is easy, as it’s a one-click download button. But if you’re still new to this process, follow the below steps to download the Jump Harem APK file on Android:

  • Visit our website and go to the Jump Harem APK download page.
  • You’ll find the big download button, click on it.
  • Choose a file destination to save the APK file
  • Grant the permissions if required to download the third-party packages.
  • Your downloading will start instantly and you’ll find the package file saved in your device’s internal storage.
  • That’s it, now you have the APK file, you can install or share the app manually.

How to Install Jump Harem for Android?

Once you have the Jump Harem Apk file you can proceed with the installation process. The process of Jump Harem is easy and safe, and it only takes a couple of seconds to let you perform all the steps. Here we have described the easiest way to install Jump Harem on Android, let’s take a look at the steps:

  • Go to the file location where you have the Jump Harem APK file.
  • Click on the Apk file and press the install button.
  • A prompt will appear and ask you to grant the required permissions. Allow to the permissions.
  • Your installation will begin within seconds and it will take a few more minutes to load all the packages on your device.
  • Once the process is complete, you will find the game icon on your device homepage or app drawer.
  • Click on the game icon and launch the game.
  • Create a new character and select the appearance to start the game.
  • Enjoy the experience of exploring the new anime world!


What kind of game is Jump Harem?

It is a mobile game for Android devices. It combines an interactive environment, combat fights, and dating simulation. The player takes the role of a hero who can summon cute anime girls to help fight evil forces.

You also get to interact with the girls at your camp, build relationships, and customize your team’s appearance. With its anime-inspired world, colorful graphics, and relationship mechanics, Jump Harem offers a unique gaming experience.

Is Jump Harem a free game?

Yes, It is completely free to download and play. There are no ads or in-app purchases. You get full access to the entire game for free. The developers release occasional updates that add new content and features for all players to enjoy in Jump Harem.

How do I get new girls in Jump Harem?

You can recruit new girls for your party by finding summoning portals as you explore the world. Also, as your relationships progress with certain girls, they may bring along a friend to join your cause. Completing character-specific quests is another way to have more girls join your harem team in Jump Harem Apk. Strengthening your bonds by chatting and giving gifts helps convince the girls to join and fight by your side.

What powers can the girls have in Jump Harem?

The anime girls in your harem possess a wide variety of magical powers and abilities. Some wield elements like fire, ice, wind, and lightning to attack foes. Others use healing and support magics to aid allies are also available in Jump Harem.

There are also animal shifters, weapon masters, and more in Jump Harem. Each girl has a unique set of skills that will come in handy against different enemies. As you improve relationships, the girls gain even stronger powers.

Is Jump Harem safe for kids to play?

While the colorful graphics may seem kid-friendly, Jump Harem does contain some mature content. There is a suggestive dialogue with the anime girls, some revealing outfits, and violence in battle. So parents should check the game out first before allowing children to play.


Jump Harem is an open platform gameplay where you can interact with the popular female models from all the anime series. You can interact with them and create a bond with all of them in Jump Harem. Take the models out for a date, spend quality time together, and enjoy romantic experiences. On the other side in Jump Harem, you can team up with all the models and fight against the evil forces that are going to attack your world. Enjoy the variety of challenges and explore the hidden places of the anime world.

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