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App NameTeaching Feeling APK
Size545 MB
Latest Version3.0.23
Last Updated                        March 10, 2024


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Today we are discussing a game called Teaching Feeling. Let’s engage and interact with the game which provides fun to every individual especially children to express their feelings. So, let’s discuss Teaching Feelings.

Overview of the Game

Teaching Feeling

I already mentioned the name of the game which is Teaching Feeling, and the category of the game is simulation. This game has an attractive story of a young girl Sylvie. This game is full of adventures and if players can take care of Sylvie, they will enjoy the game so much.

What is Teaching Feeling?

Teaching Feeling is a visual novel game that submerges players in a love story set in the appealing land of Cherry Blossom. Featuring attractive visuals and sounds. This game was developed by Ray-K and reviewed by ichibikun which is the game’s version and this version adds an extra layer to build up the overall player experience.

Main Features of Teaching Feeling APK

Special features are not present in the original Teaching Feeling game but special features make this game easier. Due to special features, you will win more surprises and earn a lot of game money and easily buy items and unlock some hard levels of the game one more great thing is that there is no ad for any company you will have to see while playing the teaching feeling Apk.


The story of the Teaching Feeling game is so thrilling and captivating and each level of the game comes with a different drama like novels. The short stories of every level are so great and enjoyable. The characters of the game interact with you like a real human being and it makes this Teaching FeelingApk so fine and pure. If you are fond of story-related games then you will enjoy this game so much. 


Teaching Feelings

In this Teaching Feeling players can customize the character for the gameplay, every player has a chance to make or customize their character. This game is based on a slow pace. The slow pace leads to more enjoyable moments and also gives names to characters of the Teaching Feeling Apk and maintains the appearance of the character and players are also able to check the individual character details.


Teaching Feeling Apk

The story of the Teaching Feeling game is that players assume the role of a single doctor residing in a small town. One day, a man arrives at your door with the young girl Sylvie and says to you that you are the savior of his life and now in gratitude, he has returned to repay the debt by entrusting you with the care of the girl. This Teaching Feeling has a different and newest compelling narrative. Due to this, a new story begins.


Teaching Feeling game

The main duty of the player of the Teaching Feeling Apk is to take care of young Sylvie’s mental and physical health. If you do a great job, you will receive many rewards and players also have a chance to choose the characters as players want. Teaching feelings is based on situations. The first point of the game has three choices, talk, oat on the head, and touch. You can choose any option you want. Choosing any option will lead you to an entirely new adventure.


In teaching feeling game players can decide the story of the gameplay. There are a lot of activities in the game and you will experience an interactive game session. In this game you have a chance to choose a character and customize it and also choose a situation for your Teaching Feeling one more great thing is that you have a chance to choose different activities you have to play in the game, and you have a chance to ultimately influence the course of the storyline. In essence, your actions serve as a great force in shaping the overall narrative.


This game does not have some extra-ordinary great graphics but it has a unique cherry blossom to the gameplay. In these games, there are 2-D graphics and you will enjoy some great kinds of animations. Teaching Feeling has no high graphics this game will smoothly run on Android or any smartphone version that is 5.0 and above otherwise many of the games have high graphics and players will not be able to play Teaching Feeling on smartphones or Android and will need a computer or play stations to play these kinds of games.


Teaching Feeling Download

The job of the players in Teaching Feeling is just not to take care of young Sylvie but players also to manage and maintain the life of a young girl means players have to earn a living and even go shopping explore new things and appreciate the things around them. The young girl would appreciate you if you did a great job and responded to you accordingly.


Teaching Feeling Free

In Teaching Feeling, there are many more human values for women. The young girl Sylvie’s image is fine, elegant, and fragile. It is the player’s responsibility to take action according to the situation always protect their character and build the best life for the character. From this, we can understand that the developer of Teaching Feeling makes this game for human rights so we have to protect human rights in Teaching Feeling and in daily life too.

Updated Version of Teaching Feelings

Once you install the game from the ‘’APKOOPS’’ and when you start playing you will see there are some autosave features in this situational Teaching Feeling. When you stop playing and log out of the account when you log in again you will start your game from where you left Teaching Feeling. It means your game will auto-update when you play.


There are three options made when you start playing Teaching Feeling. Any option you choose will lead to a happy ending sometimes but sometimes there is no happy ending. If I give you an example, if you pat on the head of a young girl instead of talking, the young girl doesn’t give you the information you want. So, it means you have to gently talk to a young girl. In this case, she will provide you with proper acknowledgment according to the situation of the Teaching Feeling tell you everything she wants and always talk gently to the girl, harsh talking will lead you to fail in this game very easily.


The best thing about the teaching feelings games is that they all are free. Wow. you can simply download this Teaching Feeling from the ‘’APKOOPS’’ and start playing. No one asks you for any money to complete the levels of the game. There is some money required for some purchases but you don’t have to pay for anything to complete the storyline. In short, no one asks you about any money. Asking for money will ruin anyone’s mood so be chill and play Teaching Feeling calmly and gently.

How to Install Teaching Feeling for Android?

It is a very simple process to install the game from ‘’APKOOPS’’. There are some steps I want to tell you about downloading the teaching feelings.

  1. Click on the download button of Teaching Feeling which is mentioned above on the website.
  2. You will see the option of install just click on it and installing will start soon.
  3. The installation process is started, wait until it finishes
  4. The installation process when ends there is one option to close or open just click on the option to open
  5. Start the game and enjoy it.

Download Teaching Feeling APK for Android

Downloading some things in the past required a key to install but in the new version of teaching feelings, any key is not required. You just simply install Teaching Feeling from our website APKOOPS and play smoothly. Remember one more thing is that always install Teaching Feeling Apk in the updated version, the updated version of the game provides you with special features that unlock many hard levels very easily and provide you with many surprises in the game and also you will win in-game money from which you can purchase alcohol for young girl Sylvie and many other things to continue the game.

Tips & Tricks to Play Teaching Feelings

Many players of the Teaching Feeling fail in the game in just 15 days of living with young girl Sylvie because Sylvie gets ill and becomes quiet. Sylvie will be quiet because players don’t behave well with young girls in the early days of the game. So, how can we win the game and make the young girl happy?

So, I am here to tell you some tips and tricks of the game teaching feelings.

  1. Never use the touch button, always talk gently with the young girl Sylvie, and make her happy with wise words. Always build your trust. So, the young girl feels better and improves his health.
  2. Always offer four glasses of wine to young girl Sylvie it will make an affectionate mode between girl and player. When Sylvie becomes a draw-forth the H-scene of the game will automatically appear.
  3. In Teaching Feeling Apk there are some night events like the shop owner event, this event is held in the evening not in the morning, so you have to walk out alone, and heavy rain will come after this situation you have to visit a clothing store
  4. To enter the shop, you have to need an updated version of the Teaching Feeling, when you update the version of the game, always use the ‘’set cosplay’’ command to settle the issue.
  5. Sometimes games will freeze, this will happen if you use an Android version below 5.0 so, always use running Android which is 5.0 and above.
  6. In Teaching Feeling, you have to buy alcohol. So, go out alone until Sylvie leaves to buy things and follow her to make pay for them.
  7. In this game a self-lock button is present, if you unlock this button, you will be able to see an intimate scene of young girl Sylvie.
  8. In teaching feelings games, the game’s players will see the intimacy level, health, and many other sensible aspects of the young girl Sylvie. So, players should have to take care of their health and also fulfill their needs, and always maintain their hard intimacy level.

I can surely say that single guys will enjoy Teaching Feeling, so install the game from our website APKOOPS, and start playing for some thrilling moments.

Final Words

Teaching Feelings game is an interesting game you can play with many surprises, great graphics sharp illusions, and exciting stories that will blow your mind. I am damn sure you will never get bored of this game. This game provides you with entertainment that will last forever.

Teaching Feelings games is a fantastic game that you should play on your Android or device with a captivating storyline and lovely characters which also customized by you. I am 100% sure you definitely will love your Teaching Feeling if you play this game with special features. The English version of the game makes this game very easy and there is no language issue if you are using the English version of the game. The thrilling story of this game will blow your mind. Just take care of the young girl Sylvie and fulfill his requirements and also maintain the intimacy level of a young girl. TTeaching Feeling will provide you with an extremely great experience with a captivating storyline and extraordinary levels. Each level provides you with many surprises that give you fun and enjoyment and gifts at every level make you complete the game as fast as it can. This interesting game can be installed from our website ‘’APKOOPS’’ and enjoy every single fun at each step of the game So, just install Teaching Feeling and start playing.

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