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Wolf Girl With You APK

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App NameWolf Girl With You APK
Size1.7 GB
Latest Version1.0.0.6
Last Updated                        March 10, 2024


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If you enjoy anime games and looking for a fun simulator, then Wolf Girl With You is the best option for you. The game is a role-play simulator where you have to flirt with cute anime girls. It has an interactive story where you can date an adorable girl named Liru. The game is also known as Project Liru. It has amazing graphics with the anime environment. The gameplay also includes many challenges and interactive conversations that you can adopt in your real life.

Wolf Girl With You Apk is packed with many interesting special events, cute challenges, and multiple endings. It is a game where you have to make decisions on your own. That will lead you to a different story. Every decision you take will change the further story accordingly.

It’s a fun dating simulator where you have to interact with an anime girl who has the ears of a wolf and a tale but she looks cute. Take her to your house and spend some time together to make her comfortable. Start building a good relationship with the new mate by making the right decisions for both of you.

What is Wolf Girl With You APK

Wolf Girl With You

Wolf Girl With You is an anime-based game where you have to play the role of a gentleman. You are a young man and meet a wolf girl who wants to stay with you for some time. She comes up at your door with a pet and asks you to shelter her.

You both start living together and now you have to take care of her as well as her pet. Cook, delicious meals and take care of her like a caring gentleman. You have to make the bond stronger and try to gain her trust to start a relationship.

Wolf Girl With You Apk will provide multiple choices and you have to make the right decisions. The ending will be based on all the decisions you’ve taken before. so choose wisely and play the game as it is happening in your real life because there’s no going back in the game too.

Why to Play Wolf Girl With You?

Wolf Girl With You for Android

The game is interactive and interesting at the same time. You can chat with the girl you’re living with and learn about her past and her dreams. By following good etiquette, you can impress her and live for a long together.

Wolf Girl With You Apk has amazing graphics with anime characters in it. It all will feel real with the realistic sound effects and background environment. The game also has many more features to explore. These are as follows:

Interactive Gameplay

It has the most interactive gameplay where you have to chat with the anime girl you’re living with. Know about her stories and plan to impress her with your noble nature and gentlemanly personality. She looks cute and in need of a shelter. Help her by providing a place at your house, and you can both start a relationship together.

Amazing Graphics

Wolf Girl With You Download

Wolf Girl With You Apk has an impressive environment with anime characters and real-life backgrounds. You will feel amazed in the anime world as it feels believable and cute to explore more. You can change the graphic from the setting to make it even clearer and smoother for a better experience.

Realistic Sound Effects

Liru Wolf Girl With You also has many dialogues that you hear from the wolf girl. The voice of the anime girl is too cute to listen to. Apart from this, you can also hear background noises and other special sound effects in the game to make it even more realistic than ever.

Relaxing Gameplay

The gameplay is designed to make you feel calm and comfortable while playing Liru Wolf Girl With You. It will turn your bad mood into a happy and blushing face. You can interact with the wolf anime girl and learn about the summary of her day and tell your stories. Spice the conversation with funny comments and romantic talk to make her comfortable with you.

Multiple Endings

The game’s ending will fluctuate and change according to your decisions. On every decision, the gameplay will take you to a new storyline that is yet to be discovered. You can’t predict or guess the endings of your current situation. So, make good decisions every time you make choices, focus, and think about it before selecting any option.

Best Features of Wolf Girl With You

If you’re enthusiastic about playing this role-playing game to have fun, then you must know about these features of Wolf Girl With You Download.

Daily Life with Liru

Liru Wolf Girl With You

You get to spend your daily life with the new girl. She just moved in at your place so she doesn’t know about the house. You have to make her comfortable so that she can live with you. Share common interests, and do what she likes to impress her. As she loves good food, she makes delicious meals every day to win her heart and help her in every task.

Cute Pet System

The anime girl also has a pet that will stay with the two of you. You have to take care of it by providing several meals and good pet care. The pet sometimes makes you annoyed, but you don’t have to frustrate and show any anger. Deal with the pet calmly and try to keep them both happy at your place.

Celebrate Events

You also will get to celebrate her birthday and surprise her with cute little gifts. Throw a cake-cutting party to Liru to make her feel special on her birthday. As it is her first time celebrating her birthday, you have to guide and show your love towards her. You can also celebrate holidays together, watch movies and eat good meals together.

Anime Storytelling

Not only Liru, but the game also has many more anime characters such as neighbors, milkmen, and some of your friends. All these characters together make Liru Wolf Girl With You Apk Download a beautiful place.

Each character has its own story, background, and role to play. You have to interact with them accordingly and build a good relationship with everyone.

Multiple Romantic Endings

The ending will be based on your decisions while playing Liru Wolf Girl With You. After every choice, you make the ending will change according to it. Liru Wolf Girl With You has multiple romantic endings, whereas it can lead to a sad ending too. If you want to have a happy ending then choose the right dialogue and play the role of a good gentleman.

Unlockable Outfits

You can gift, unique and cute outfits to the wolf girl to make her appearance even more adorable. Unlock new outfits in the Wolf Girl With You Download game by completing the daily challenges and given tasks. Earn the rewards by completing the challenges and you can later use the rewards to unlock new outfits for your girl.


Wolf Girl With You Apk Download also has mini-games that you can play with your girl to spend more time together. Know about our hobbies and choose the mini-games accordingly to Have mutual interest while playing the mini-games. These mini-games will not provide any bonus, but can surely make your bond stronger. There are several games that you can play all alone if you are bored with the role-playing story.

Play Challenges

You will find daily challenges on your screen when you log into Liru Wolf Girl With You. These challenges are unique and different from the previous and this all will take you closer to the girl. Some of the challenges are interesting such as cooking meals, watching movies, and some other couple activities. Don’t rush out and deploy the relevant dialogues while playing the challenges.

Multiple Characters

As we mentioned before the gameplay has multiple characters to make it seem like the real world. You have a neighborhood where you can walk in the evening with the wolf girl, say hello to your neighbor, delivery guy milkmen, and others. Interact with more characters to know their stories and explore more about them.

Download & Install Wolf Girl With You APK on Android?

Wolf Girl With You Apk

In the Wolf Girl With You, you will get many more activities that are not available in the normal version. These activities are only for mature persons. If you’re still excited to download Wolf Girl With You Apk follow the below guide:

Download Wolf Girl With You APK

Want to start playing this charming dating simulator? Here are step-by-step instructions to download Wolf Girl With You Apk for Android.

  • Use the “Download” button above to start downloading the Wolf Girl With You Apk
  • Now, wait for the downloading process once it is finished.
  • Open the folder where the file is saved and tap on the file to start the installation.
  • Wait for the installation process once it is completed. Just launch the game on your device.
  • Now, choose your game settings and language then start playing. Enjoy getting to know your new wolf girl.

Follow the steps above and you’ll be ready to play the latest version of the game for free on your Android device.

Wolf Girl With You Download For Android (Steps)

Wolf Girl With You on Android

So now if you’re looking forward to downloading Wolf Girl With You Apk on Android, then follow our guide and find the latest version of the game. We have shared the working download button above at the beginning of the article. So now let’s move forward to install Wolf Girl With You APK.

  • Click on the Download button above to get the latest version of Wolf Girl With You Apk.
  • Tap on the APK file and hit the Install button for quick installation.
  • Grant the permissions and allow the prompts to start installing the game.
  • It may take a while to load all the files on your device, so sit tight and wait till it gets done.
  • The game is now installed successfully and ready to use.
  • Open the game and select the language to begin the game.
  • Start playing the game by customizing your character’s appearance.
  • That’s it, rest of the steps will be explained in the game when you play it for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of game is Wolf Girl With You?

Wolf Girl With You is a dating simulator or visual novel game with anime-style artwork. The main objective is to build a relationship with the anime wolf girl character Liru by interacting with her daily. It falls into the anime romance and dating simulator genre.

Is Wolf Girl With You available on iOS?

The game is currently only available on Android devices. There is no iOS version of the game yet. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store or install the APK file directly on your Android phone or tablet. An iOS version may be released in the future.

How do you impress Liru in Wolf Girl With You?

You make progress in Wolf Girl With You Download by making various dialogue choices when interacting with Liru each day. Your choices influence her feelings and your relationship status. Completing daily challenges and special events also helps your relationship grow. Different choices lead to different endings.

Is Wolf Girl With You worth to play?

Absolutely! It offers a feel-good experience to the players. Since you can make different choices each time that lead to alternative story branches and endings, playing through multiple times allows you to experience all the variations. You can improve your relationship with Liru in new ways each time.


In the end, we hope you like the Wolf Girl With You Apk game, and all of its anime characters. If you guys want to share your romantic ending stories with us or want to take advice for decision-making in the game, we will be happy to assist you. Use the below comments box to drop your thoughts.

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