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App NameSloven Classmate APK
Size58 MB
Latest Version1.01
Last Updated                        March 10, 2024


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The Sloven Classmate Apk is an amazing puzzle game that will give you super fun when playing. It is quite a popular game that lots of people love. You can easily get the best and latest version of the game from this website. In this article, you will get the link to the latest version of Sloven Classmate from where you can download the game for free.

If you are looking for a great puzzle game to download, Sloven Classmate is the one for you. It is a perfect match that you will undoubtedly enjoy, and Sloven Classmate will make your gaming experience better than ever. Downloading the game is very easy by using the steps given in this article.

You can play this game anytime and anywhere because it has both online and offline features. It comes with an awesome story, and you can play it on any Android device. The graphics are mindblowing, with high-quality 3D graphics that you will love to see and that will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. Get ready to learn about the Sloven Classmate Apk in detail right below.

What is Sloven Classmate?

Sloven Classmate Apk

Sloven Classmate is a game in which a boy and a girl go to the same college, where other students also study. All of them go to school together. One day during lunchtime in class, the boy and girl sat far away from the others, because they had not brought any lunch. Other students were having their lunch.

Then, the teacher noticed and asked them, Why both of you are not eating? The boy and girl replied, Sir we did not bring lunch. The teacher asked them and then went away. That is when they started talking to each other and decided to go to the canteen to eat.

After having their meal, the class resumed, and after studying, they both went home. The next day, they talked again, and slowly they became really good friends. They started sitting near each other, talking a lot, and sharing their thoughts. Slowly, they started to have feelings for each other, but some other boys in the class did not like this. Thus they became enemies, and that is where you will play the story of the game further.

Storyline of the Game

Sloven Classmate for Android

Sloven Classmate is truly taking place in a school. That will assist the students to become leaders in the future but a few various things are also happening, that involve a mystery organization. The story begins when Sloven joins the college and reveals that her classmates are acting so surprisingly. She is aiming to get good grades but she is also trying to discover strange things. She now is aware, that the school is a part of a big mystery, that contains college students and teachers.

Sloven Classmate Apk is a game, in which you can explore many fun things. You will wander around the school, find hidden rooms, and solve puzzles. It is your job to help Sloven do her assignments properly and find out the secrets of an underground organization. So download this application on your Android device today itself and be a part of Sloven’s exciting journey.

Real and Lovely Graphics

Sloven Classmate download

The interesting thing about Sloven Classmate Apk is its pixel art graphics. They will give you that nice feeling of remembering the old days when mobile games were just beginning. The characters have been made with a lot of care, with bright colors. And everything is working smoothly. This will make the game not only fun but also one of the most realistic school-life games that you can play.

Game to Play

In the Sloven Classmate Apk, you will mostly do things like making friendships with classmates and joining in group or personal activities. Either by yourself or with a group in the school. You will need to figure out how to handle the virtual social world, while also keeping up with your schoolwork and other fun things. Whether you are joining clubs, going to classes, or checking out new events, everything you do will help you to move forward in the game.

Main Features of Sloven Classmate APK

Sloven Classmate Apk download

Have a look at the important features of Sloven Classmate Apk right below.

Mode of Multiplayer 

Get ready for a remarkable fun multiplayer adventure, as you can play with pals who like the same things or make new friends as you team up, work together on missions, and build remarkable friendships. You can get into this game right now and begin your story today.

Mini Games

Discovering the secrets of Sloven Classmate Apk will give you a sensible experience, there is no doubt. It will keep gamers fully entertained with wonderful mini-games and puzzles that make characters come to life. There are plenty of different challenges that are waiting for you as you go further.

Options of Customization

Make your characters look different from others. You can show your style, by making unique avatars with amazing choices like changing appearances, choosing stylish outfits, and giving them special personality traits. Get ready for a gaming experience that is all about you.

Fantastic Animated Graphics

Get ready to dive into the world of Sloven Classmate Apk as you will see bright colors, cool characters, and surroundings. The game has amazing artwork from your favorite manga, that makes sure that you will be returning for more.

User-friendly Platform

Sloven Classmate is made to be used easily by everyone. So even if you are new to this gaming, you can be able to play without any worries. The pictures are clear and sharp, and thereby give you a smooth gaming experience.

Various Missions

Every mission has its own goals and rewards, that you will get. As you go further in the game, you might face different challenges that are from rescuing hostages to fighting against monsters. So get ready for a great adventure.

Mode of Zombie

The latest version of Sloven Classmate Apk will give you a Zombie mode. You will get the chance to now explore a world after the apocalypse filled with zombies. And it is all up to you how to survive. With new characters, weapons, missions, etc., this mode will offer lots of exciting battles that will test your skills.

How to Download & Install Sloven Classmate APK on Android Devices?

  • First of all, to download and install Sloven Classmate from our website, you will need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your Android device. Because it is a third-party application.
  • After that, you have to tap on the “Download” button which is mentioned above.
  • You will find that the latest Sloven Classmate Apk file downloaded to the downloads folder of your device which you have to click to install Sloven Classmate latest version.
  • Then wait for some time to complete the installation
  • If you find the installation is completed, you can continue playing Sloven Classmate by opening the game.

Pros and Cons of Sloven Classmate


Pixelated Nostalgia: The pictures in Sloven Classmate made me feel like, I went on a trip of old memories. They remind me of old-school video games, which were very interesting to play. It is like each tiny dot in the pictures is telling a story. Also, the virtual school in the game feels real, because the characters will move and everything is carefully designed, with little details. It is like playing an old video game only.

Different Activities: In Sloven Classmate Apk, there are lots of things to do that make the game super exciting. You can go to virtual classes, join clubs, and be part of events, just like you do in a real high school. There are so many options, that it feels like a real adventure. This game allows me, to make my character’s journey exactly how I wanted. The mix of school things, like classes, and fun activities like clubs, made it feel just like real school life.


Pressures of In-app Purchases: To make the game exciting, this game sometimes suggests buying things in the game. You do not have to do it, as it is your choice. But the game might remind you a lot about it, and that might not make you feel great if you want to play without spending money.

Limited Device Compatibility: Even though the pixel art is looking good, there is a trade-off. This game might not work on all devices.

Final Words

Sloven Classmate Apk will give you an awesome experience of the anime world with lots of fun and cool surprises. You can make your character, explore the world, fight against monsters, and discover secrets, that is all in a cool manga style. Manga fans will undoubtedly love to play Sloven Classmate Apk. Start your story now.

There are so many activities, that you can do in Sloven Classmate Apk. Do not wait anymore download Sloven Classmate latest version from our website, and start your adventure today. You can have a wild ride with exciting customizations, battles, mini-games, and playing with friends. So get ready for an awesome experience with Sloven Classmate Apk now.


Can I play with friends in Sloven Classmate?

You can of course connect with your friends and play Sloven Classmate with them anywhere in this world. 

Is Sloven Classmate safe to play? 

Yes, Sloven Classmate is safe to play. You can download the latest version of the game from our website.

Is it possible to play Sloven Classmate offline?

You can undoubtedly play this game offline, but you will not be able to enjoy certain features and modes that are available while playing online.

Can I play this game in the English language?

The primary language of this game is Japanese but you are getting the option to change the language to English.

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